The Best Jobs You Can Get as A Gamer


I love video games what job should I get? This question may be the common question that pops up in all gamer’s minds. If you are a gamer, you also want to know what kind of method you can use to make money.

Here, we are going to show you several options of jobs you can get. These jobs allow you to make money while enjoying something you like, which is playing video games. Let’s start!


I Love videogames What Job Should I Get

Video Games Programmer

As a programmer, you can build and make your own video game. It means you have the freedom and privilege to bring your imagination into reality.

There is nothing happier than being able to make your video games for a gamer.

However, if you are interested in a video programmer job, there is one thing you should do. You have to get the skill and knowledge about programming and designing a game.

Therefore, you may have to take a special course or school to master the programming skill.

It might take several years to be able to get the skill that you need for creating a game. But, if you have a passion for video games, that is worth trying.

Furthermore, you also get the skill you got forever until you decide to retire from this job.

Video Games Designer

A video game designer is a bit different than a programmer. Your job here is to design various elements of a video game. It could be the sound effect, music, character design, or background.

Similar to a video game programmer, you will need a proper design skill for this job.

Fortunately, many design schools provide the course to get this skill. You can even apply for the standard design school, and that’s enough to use for this job.



Video games should be able to appeal to people to buy and play them for a long time. Therefore, it needs a good story that becomes the base to build the world in that game. Because of that, a video game developer needs a writer.

Your job as a writer is to create an appealing story of the game. However, it is not only limited to the story of the game character. The writer also has a task to create the flow of the game that the player can enjoy.


Video Game Tester

This job may be the job that all gamers want to try. Furthermore, this job doesn’t need any skill or knowledge you get from school or such. It only requires your experiences and knowledge about the game you play.

As its name implied, your job here is to test a game before it is fully released. Therefore, people also call this job the Beta tester. It means you try the Beta version or pre-released version of a game.



Those are the best jobs that we can recommend for those of you who love playing games. So, I love videogames what job should I get? Now, you know the answer to that question and you can start to apply for the job that you like.