When is the Best Time to Post on Tiktok for Business?


If you are one of those content creators, you may want to know more about Tiktok itself, especially about how to become famous in Tiktok, such as about when the best time to post on Tiktok is?

It cannot be denied that Tiktok has become one of the most popular social media in recent years. At first, many people criticized the video-based social media, saying that the social media was only filled with videos about youths who show off their silliness.

With such content in Tiktok, people considered social media as a toxic one and avoided it specially in some business world. Not only that, people also considered Tiktok as unnecessary at first because when it comes to videos, there was Youtube that was already very popular.

However, fate said differently and when great people created good contents and published them in Tiktok, then Tiktok transformed from a social media filled with bad contents to a social media filled with good and educating contents.

Now, even many famous Youtubers have started to gain more fortune through Tiktok and of course for those who work as content creators, this is very good news.

A business marketing genius once said that no matter how good a product was, it would never be sold well in the market if it lacked good marketing.

This goes the same with Tiktok content or video. No matter how good a Tiktok video is, there will never be so many viewers if it is not posted at the right time.

It may sound trivial, but trust me, the good timing of posting a Tiktok video can really change your fortune in social media so much.

To determine the time, we have to be able to answer this one question correctly: what time do you spare the time to open Tiktok apps and watch the videos in it every day? Well, of course the answer will surely vary from one person to another.

However, if we take a survey with 100 respondents and ask the same question, then the most recurring answer will surely be the most accurate answer.

In the case that you don’t have the liberty of conducting such a survey, then we will make it easier for you by giving you the straight and most accurate answer to the question directly. In this case, there are 2 best moments to post on Tiktok every day.

Best Time to Post on Tiktok

The first best time to post on Tiktok is between 6 A.M. and 10 A.M. As you might have guessed, it is in the morning and that range of time is the time that most people start to live their daily lives, kids and teenagers go to their schools and colleges while adults go to their offices and work.

However, most people in this case have to go through traffic at around 7-8 A.M. So, the question about whether they open Tiktok apps before or after their daily activities will most likely appear because the time is between before and after they reach their schools, colleges, or offices.

The answer to that question is that they open Tiktok apps in both before and after they arrive at their schools, colleges, or offices.

People tend to make them “busier” just before they start their lives, which in this case, school or work. So, they most likely open Tiktok apps while they have their breakfast or while they ride a bus to their schools or offices.

On the other hand, there is always little spare time after they arrive at their schools, colleges, or offices, especially for working people because offices are usually still not as hectic as they should be in the morning.

The second best time to post on Tiktok is between 7 P.M. and 11 P.M. As you might have guessed again, that time is the time where most people relax and need entertainment to refresh their minds after living their hard daily lives.

So, it’s very common for people to look for entertainment after they arrive at their homes until they fall asleep and Tiktok has been proven to be a good entertainment media in this part.


Last Words

Well, those are the 2 best time to post on Tiktok. We hope that it can be useful for you to make your Tiktok videos have more views than before.