How Much is Caleb Maddix Net Worth?


Young people probably already know Caleb Maddix. This boy has been becoming a hot topic for the last few years since he became a young, successful entrepreneur at 18 years old.

At such a young age, he manages some business. With these professions, it is not surprising that Caleb Maddix net worth is estimated around $1 million to $5 million.


Who is Caleb Maddix?

Caleb Maddix is widely known as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the motivational brand for kids named Kids4Success.

He is also the co-founder as well as the leader of Apex 4 Kids, which is the world’s first relatable, entertaining, and powerful personal growth for kids.

Besides these, Caleb is also an international keynote speaker, social media influencer, and author.

He wrote several books, including Keys to Success for Kids, How to Make Money as a Kid, and How to be a Positive Kid.

Caleb Maddix gets his income from these professions. Some people are curious about what is Caleb Maddix net worth.

As an international keynote speaker, Caleb has appeared in events speaking along with Kevin Harrington.


Early Life and Career

Caleb Maddix was born on December 13th, 2001, in Florida. So, this year, his is 20 years old. When he was just 13 years old, Caleb wrote his first book titled Keys to Success for Kids.

He was just in grade school when he started writing his first book. And he was a home-schooled 7th grader when the book was published.

With that, he became one of the youngest authors. It also made him one of the successful, richest entrepreneurs who was born in Florida.

In 2016, the Australian morning show profiled him. He has served as a motivational speaker around the world.

He keeps his personal life very privately. There is no single information about his parents, siblings, relatives, and significant others.

Besides Keys to Success for Kids, Caleb has written some other books, which are How to be a Positive Kid, How to Make Money as a Kid, People Skills for Kids, the Relationship Guide, How to Have Unstoppable Confidence, and How to Have Success and Still Keep Your Childhood.

He also wrote a book with Matt Maddix titled How You Can Have It All. As a social media influencer, you can also find Caleb on Instagram and Twitter (@CalebMaddix).

With Forbes, Caleb revealed that he always knows that he never wanted to work for someone else. He said that he wanted to start his own business and career.


Caleb Maddix becomes famous and popular since he becomes a successful entrepreneur at a young age. He is a social media influencer, international public speaker, author, and founder of Kids4Success.

He is an author of many books specifically for kids, including his first book, Keys to Success for Kids.