Chatbot in Smartphone


Chatbots are starting to get more mobile through smartphones and Apple’s Siri. Chatbots will be the next big tech trend that can change our lives in amazing ways.

There are many chatbots who have traveled the world or that specifically target consumers. For example, Wysa is a chatbot designed for people who want to talk about their mental health – and there are plenty of others like it, including Replika and Woebot.

A chatbot is typically designed to simulate intelligent human-to-human communication and is often used in situations such as customer care, cyberbullying issues, social media management, and technical support.

Most chatbots are designed to gather and analyze data to enhance customer engagement, increase sales, improve brand reputation, and simplify business processes. They are also popular in social media since they provide a friendly user experience (UX) for both users and brands alike.

Wysa is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, the most common form of psychotherapy. In addition to being a chatbot, Wysa is essentially a mobile version of CBT.

Mobile chatbots are making their way into smartphones as well. SwiftKey, for example, is a keyboard that has its own chatbot. You can log in and it will learn about your personality by analyzing your texts and emails to detect patterns in how you write. It’s a fun way to type and you can get tips and tricks from this virtual therapist.

Apple has also integrated its Siri service with third-party apps. If you text something to your friend and then ask Siri to remind you about it later, Siri will do so with the reminder app of your choice. Of course, Apple has the deep pockets to work on this integration for a number of years without really having made much progress so far.

Chatbots are not just for those with mental health issues – many companies are using them more and more. For example, if you call up Comcast, you can use the chatbot to order a cable box or check your account balance. You can even change your address and make payments through it.



Chatbots not only save us time on our phones but they can also make us happier people in our daily lives. Chatbots will be getting smarter, more mobile and mainstream in the coming years. Another important reason why businesses love chatbots is that there are no human errors involved.

This makes chatbots easy to use, since they can be used 24/7, with little to no effect on the customer or the business.

Chatbots are also a great way for auto-markets and businesses that work across multiple countries to provide consistent information about their products and services in a wide variety of languages such as chatbot in English, chatbot Indonesia, chatbot in Arabic and many more.