Churches That Help Pay Rent

There may be times when felons need housing assistance. During prison time, many felons are unable to secure a job due to probation or parole strictures.

But when these individuals are released and re-enter the workforce, they often find it difficult to find decent work due to strict federal and state background checks.

Churches Offer Rental Assistance Programs

Is one organization that offers a solution to this problem. The Churches Offer Rental Assistance Programs help felons find affordable housing. The Churches Offer Rental Assistance Programs is a non-profit. The Churches Offer Rental Assistance Programs provides subsidized housing to felons.

The church then sells the subsidized housing to qualified first-time home buyers. The church is a non-profit organization that aims to help ex-convicts gain the housing they need to become productive members of society. The church programs allow felons to get a fresh start, start a family, and move away from crime for good.

Churches receive these small subsidies in the form of grants and loans. They also receive major donations from individual, corporations, and all levels of government. The they give it back to communities who need help in their condition.

Ask around to find out if any of them offer a rental assistance program. Perhaps they can help you stabilize your life while you try to reintegrate into society after your release from prison.

Do You Have to Be a member to Get Church Rental Assistance?

No, not usually. A church rental assistance program can be available to any eligible criminal offender who has ties to a church or a religious organization. All they have to do is ask their church to rent a house.

Many churches have rental houses for rent to help church members who have fallen on hard times and need help with the rent.

Churches are not accustomed to receiving government money and so they don’t want to get involved unless they absolutely have to. That is why it is important to call local leaders and see if they have any programs available to help you out.

Are There Any Restrictions on The Church Rental Assistance Programs?

Usually not, but there are some general guidelines that apply to all Church rental assistance programs:

  1. The assistance come from a non-profit organization or church effort
  2. The housing is subsidized, that is, the rent is lowered or paid entirely by the non-profit organization or church
  3. The assigned housing is a suitable, appropriate and affordable home
  4. Complete applications of all applicants are examined by an experienced professional
  5. The housing is made available to the qualifying applicants until each member household finds suitable housing

Are There Any Legal Restrictions on Churches Offering Rental Assistance?

Yes, but mainly they are not too restrictive because churches are not accustomed to receiving government money. Generally, churches are allowed to offer rental assistance as long as their program meets the general guidelines listed above.

Their program cannot discriminate based on religion, race or national origin, nor can they discriminate against people based on gender, sexual orientation or disability. They must meet the same housing qualifications as HUD, and they are also required to follow fair housing laws.

How To Apply for Church Rental Assistance?

Go to the church website and/or call the church to inquire if they have a program or if they are partnering with an assistance program to help you find housing.

Fill out the application forms and submit them to the program director for review. If accepted the church’s rental assistance program will assign you a case manager who will help you search for eligible homes and help you rent a home.


Churches can be a great resource for those who have trouble paying their rent and are looking for a home. They have accumulated a very large amount of real estate over the years, and therefore have a huge inventory of housing.

However, even though there are programs available, it is up to the applicant to make sure that the church will consider them for the available program.

Be prepared with different reasons why you deserve a church’s assistance, and explain why you are worthy of their help. Remember that church programs will only help those who can qualify, so be thorough in filling out the applications and answering all the questions.

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