Dara Mir Net Worth, How Much He Earns


Iranian-born entrepreneur, Dara Mir leaves people stunned with his fast career track. That makes the public want to know more about his personal life and career details.

Dara Mir net worth also becomes the talk of the town. People are curious about how wealthy the man is and how much he earns so far.

Dara Mir net worth is mainly based on his role as the president of 9to5 Seating. It is known that Dara Mir earns as much as $2 million this year.

This huge fortune is collected from both his position as the president of the company and his long career as an entrepreneur.

His net worth is even predicted to keep increasing since he is only 39 years old now.

He will have a long and successful career in the future as an entrepreneur. Not only that but there will be business opportunities that he might create to increase his net value in the future.


Professional Career

The 9to5 Seating, the company where Dara Mir sits as a president was initially established by his parents just a year after he was born.

However, it is Dara Mir that makes the company bigger with his sharp business decisions. He joined the company soon after graduating from the university.

His role as the president of the company is one of the reasons why Dara Mir’s net value increases fast.

Despite the fact that it was Dara Mir’s parents who founded the 9to5 Seating, he didn’t get the things easily.

Dara Mir needed to work his way up to reach the highest position in the company. He was assigned to work in different positions on his way up.

This allowed him to learn about various departments and positions in the company.

It was the best decision to make since his initial jobs in the company play an important role in shaping his future career as an entrepreneur.

Ever since Dara Mir held the position as a president, the 9to5 Seating enjoys an immense growth under his leadership.

It makes the company one of the top players in the world stage. With the massive growth of the company, Dara Mir net worth 2021 also gets bigger.

Today, the headquarters of the 9to5 Seating is as large as 300,000 square feet. To contribute to the continuity of this planet, the company also uses solar panels.

Personal Life

Dara Mir is quite open about his personal life. He is a married man with a kid. Dara Mir married Lily Ghalichi, an American, in May 2017 after dating her for a year.

Being held in Beverly Hills Hotel, their wedding was attended by celebrities. On September 30, 2018, Dara Mir and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named Alara Mir Dara.

Just like Dara Mir, Lily Ghalichi is also an entrepreneur. Although her prime job is lawyer, Ghalichi also runs a popular blog.

She is also a well known reality television personality and has some businesses, including Lily Lasehs and WantMyLook.