Desus and Mero Net Worth and History


Desus and Mero is an evening talk show hosted by The Kid Mero and Desus Nice, a popular duo comedian. By looking at their journey and appearance, we can estimate that their net worth is more or less $6 million.

That is only the estimation as of July 2021, so it could be even increased for the rest of the year.

Desus Nice himself is a Jamaican-American comedian that has been around since a few years back. He also has a YouTube channel and is quite famous on Twitter. His real name is Daniel Baker.

The Kid Mero’s real name is Joel Martinez. This 38-year-old Dominican-American comedian has been working with Desus since 2014 on the Desus and Mero show. He is not only a comedian.

He also wrote books, works as a voice actor, owns a YouTube channel with Desus, musician, and Twitter personality. Thanks to his and Desus’s work, it also affects desus and mero net worth.


Early Life and Career Information

Desus and Mero’s relationship went way back in 2013. They released Jesus vs. Mero show, a podcast series that runs for 46 episodes.

Thanks to this show, they have successfully put their name on the industry and attracted the attention of Complex TV to produce their new show.

Desus and Mero started their work together in 2014. They make a show with a similar name, Desus vs. Mero.

This show was broadcasted on Complex TV as one of their web series. The show was quite successful. Therefore, Viceland television also offered them to make a similar show.

Then, Desus & Mero was born. It is another web series similar to the first one that was aired in 2016.

The two series take a quite long journey that makes Showtime noticed these two comedians.

Then, Showtime decided to give these two a slot to run their show on this channel. From that moment, the desus and mero net worth kept increasing.

The new show from Showtime has a different level than Desus and Mero’s previous TV show. It was finely produced, designed, and written.

The show was also the first late-night show on the Showtime network. This half-hour show started in June 2018 that garnered attention from many people.

After that show, Desus and Mero have been appearing on many TV shows. They appear here and there that solidify their position as one of the best duo comedians in the US.

Then, in 2019, they worked together again with Showtime to produce Desus and Mero’s show. This show lasted for a year. In February 2020, they got the second season of their show on the same network.


Desus and Mero have proved that by doing something that you like, you can reach your successful goal. They start it small on a YouTube podcast.

But, now, they are popular TV personalities and comedians. And, we can see their hard work result from the desus and mero net worth