Does Cintas Hire Felons?

Does Cintas Hire Felons? Yes, says the company. Cintas Corporation is a privately owned cleaning supply company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company also operates a call center that hires customer service representatives. The company hires felons only when a position is reserved for a felon.

The company does not hire felons unless they meet specific criteria and have experience in the field for which they are applying. Felons are eligible for jobs at Cintas as long as they meet the qualifications for the position. If felons meet these criteria and are interested in working at Cintas, they should call the company about potential employment.

Jobs Available at Cintas

Some specific positions that felons can apply for at Cintas include warehouse associates, delivery drivers, and customer service representatives. The distribution center provides employment opportunities for felons. The warehouse associates and customer service representatives both work at call centers.

This position involves taking calls about products and services from customers and providing them with adequate information. Warehouse associates perform various tasks including loading and unloading trucks, receiving products, and handling inventory.

Customer service representatives answer calls, take messages, and assist customers with their needs. The work environment for these positions is fast-paced and requires a lot of flexibility. Employees work an average of 40 hours a week at Cintas.

Cintas Employee Benefits

While working for Cintas, employees can take advantage of a number of benefits including: health insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, dental insurance, vision coverage, and tuition reimbursement.

Additionally, employee benefits include paid vacation and sick time, flexible scheduling, and discounted service agreements. Employees also receive a discounted membership at the Five Rivers YMCA.

Employees also enjoy company-paid life insurance coverage that includes accidental death, critical illness, and accidental dismemberment. Employers Can Rely on Cintas

Apply Jobs at Cintas as Felons

Though a person’s criminal history may disqualify him from one job or another, there are always jobs available at Cintas. A person’s felony can be from 10 years ago or more, so it’s important to be honest about the past when applying for a job.

Since employers use criminal background checks to screen potential employees, it’s best to be honest during the interview process. The hiring manager will probably wish to find out about the post-arrest time anyway, in order to make sure the person is suitable to be around other employees.

A felony that is related to the job in question isn’t likely to disqualify a candidate outright, as long as the person can show that he/she has rehabilitated him or herself since the conviction. Since an employer may only ask for a background check of about the last ten years, a person can rehabilitate himself/herself from earlier convictions.

Job seekers have nothing to worry about in terms of past criminal history if they send an honest, complete resume to Cintas. The positions that are most likely to be available to someone with a criminal record are those that involve working with the public, since felons generally don’t have to apply for a job with Management, since that’s a job with limited access to other employees or clients.

Some positions that felons can apply for are: convenience store clerk, courier driver, and customer service representative. A person with a felony can usually look for jobs like these at all Cintas locations.

Cintas Hiring Process

When applying online, applicants are asked to complete an application and submit a resume. Once that is done, they’re informed about the hiring process and can expect a call from the hiring manager. Once the hiring manager calls, the applicant goes through an interview.

It is then up to the different hiring managers to decide if the individual is qualified. When applying for a job at Cintas, applicants should remember to submit their resume before the online application. Usually, there are a few different questions that pop up when felons apply to a Cintas location.

The first question that comes up is “Are you legally entitled to work in the United States of America?” A felony conviction in the United States as well as in Canada will usually disqualify a person from working in the United States or Canada.

After an applicant tells the hiring manager that they are legally entitled to work in the United States, they then have to explain any past criminal convictions, arrest records or even convictions that are still pending.

The applicant has to state whether the conviction was for a violent crime, such as murder or assault, or for a non-violent crime, such as driving under the influence or violating a restraining order.


Cintas is good start for felons who looking for a job with decent pay and benefits. The application process is not difficult and in most cases, people who are qualified get the job. So, felons can rest assured knowing that they will be able to start making money again as soon as they get hired.

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