Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Does Home Depot Hire Felons? The answer is Yes! This company has always been known as a company that hires people with criminal records.

Home Depot even provides help for felons with work permits (which felons don’t have). The CEO, Craig Menear said, “We certainly hire felons because we need hard working people”.

There aren’t a lot of companies that hire felons, but we think we’re a pretty good place because Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States.

Jobs Available at Home Depot for Felons

Many felons work as cashiers, cashier, stocker, and janitor. According to the company’s website, these positions require a high school. However, jobs positions like sales, manager, and management positions require a degree.

Felons are also hired for the Home Depot distribution centers which process merchandise for delivery to stores operated by the retailer in the U.S. In addition, they will also be hired to construct Home Depot stores.

You can also learn new skills if you get hired by a Home Depot. They have many courses that teach their workers new skills which can help you build your resume and increase your chances of getting hired by other companies in the future.

Home Depot Employee Benefits

The retailer offers its employees a benefits package. Some of the benefits include health benefits, paid vacation, and paid sick leave. They can also enroll in the company’s retirement plan.

Employee costs for health insurance and retirement are matched by the company while the employee contributes a 4% matching fund. Employees also have the opportunity to become stock owners of the company.

This ownership is “the best way to feel connected to the company.” Employees can purchase the stock at discounted shares. The company reimburses up to $75 per month for wired home phones and plans to offer cell phone reimbursements at some stores.

What You Should Do if You Have Been Hired By A Home Depot?

There are a few things you should expect from the company. For one, you will be expected to have good communication skills. The company also expects you to be able to work in a team and have good time management skills.

The company also expects that you will be able to provide excellent customer service, which is why they are looking for people with experience in customer service or retail.

They need people who can provide great service and make sure that their customers are satisfied.

Application Process At The Home Depot

On their website, Home Depot tells you how to apply and what the application process is like.

How to Apply:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your location
  3. Fill out the application form on our website.
  4. Complete your profile and upload your resume and cover letter as a PDF file
  5. If you’re ready, click “Apply Now” at the top of this page.

The Home Depot has an application process in which they ask about felonies and if it is within the last 7 years.

As you might imagine, many people are not happy with this question. The Home Depot says that they need to do this because they have a lot of applicants who are trying to get jobs without being truthful about their criminal history.

The company also says that the felony question is not always asked and that it can be skipped if someone does not want to answer.

This company has a high number of applicants. So, they have to make sure that their interview process is efficient and fair.

The company will contact candidates if they are not selected for the job or if they need to schedule an additional interview.

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