Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons?

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons? Yes, this restaurant hires felons, but just like any other company, they are very strict with their requirements. The restaurants will ask to see proof of your conviction. In some cases, you may be asked to submit a letter or letter from the court that granted your pardon.

It may also be necessary for you to file a copy of your criminal record. Pizza Hut believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and that hiring people with felony records does not necessarily make the company less safe.

Your criminal record becomes a part of your permanent record, and you will not be able to bypass it when you apply for a job.

However, once you have proven yourself to the company as an employee and as a person, you may be given the opportunity to get hired as a manager. Pizza Hut does not discriminate against felons, and the company has hired thousands of people with a felony record over the years.

Jobs Available at Pizza Hut

Usually, employees at Pizza Hut are hired for entry-level positions at the management level. Entry-level roles may not require employees to have prior experience in the field. However, employees must be able to follow written and oral instructions and work well with other people.

The company hires workers for a variety of positions, including customer service representatives, delivery drivers, and managers. The application process usually takes about four weeks. Applicants will need to fill out an online application and submit a resume.

Hiring managers will review applications and contact qualified individuals to complete an interview. The interview typically involves several tasks that test the applicant’s skills, such as giving directions and completing inventory. If applicants perform well in the interview, they may be offered a job immediately.

 Pizza Hut Employee Benefits

All employees enjoy many perks, such as paid time off and health insurance. The company pays its employees a weekly salary, but employees also receive commissions when they sell pizzas or make deliveries. Employees also receive meal discounts.

Pizza Hut also offers employees the option to buy life insurance; however, employees do not have the option of purchasing dental insurance. Employees can also purchase uniforms and up to four weeks of paid vacation each year.

Pizza Hut Employees Earn Good Pay

Pizza Hut offers its employees competitive salaries. Employees start out at $9 per hour and can earn up to $25 per hour after working for several years. While the company offers its employees health insurance, the company does not offer dental or vision insurance.

The company does offer paid parental leave to its full-time workers. Pizza Hut also encourages its employees to grow their careers with the company by offering tuition reimbursement programs.

Apply Jobs at Pizza Hut as Felons

Pizza Hut will do background checks on job seekers to ensure that you do not have any felonies or serious misdemeanors on your record. If you lie on your application and reveal a felony, you will be immediately dismissed from your job.

Although the company does not automatically disqualify you, you must disclose any felony convictions during the interview process. Even if you are cleared of a felony, you must still disclose all convictions on your job application and resume. Pizza Hut employees must also have a reliable mode of transportation in order to travel to various job sites on time.

Pizza Hut Hiring Process

For Felons The first step in the hiring process is to submit an online application. Once you fill out the application, it will be forwarded to Pizza Hut’s human resources department. Pizza Hut will review your application to see if you meet the company’s requirements.

Human Resources will review your application to see if you meet the company’s requirements. When Human Resources approves your application, you will be notified by email. Your resume will be sent to you, and Human Resources will contact you to schedule an interview.

Human Resources will contact you to schedule an interview. During your interview, Human Resources will ask you about your work history, education, and other skills you have to offer Pizza Hut. The Human Resources representative will also ask you if you have any criminal history.

After your interview, Human Resources will decide whether to offer you the job. Because there is such a high demand for Pizza Hut jobs, there is a high probability that you will be hired if you are a good fit.


As a felon you do not have many option when it comes to finding employment. But Pizza Hut is a company with many job openings. This job opportunity can help you to get a second chance at finding a job in a respectable company.

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