Egoraptor Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Information


Egoraptor is the stage name Arin Joseph Hanson, an internet personality. He is also known for being an internet animators and a voice actor. A total of his net worth from becoming an animator, voice actor, and social media personality is approximately $18 million.

One of his works is the web series Game Grumps where he takes a role as the co-founder and co-star.

Egoraptor or Arin Joseph Hanson is named as one of the most famous internet personalities currently, particularly in the US. It is reasonable if Hanson gets much income from the internet and other sources.

He is one of the examples that the internet can turn someone into a famous figure. Sure, it is despite the fact that he has been on the TV before.


Early Life

Arin Joseph Hanson was born on January 6, 1987. Hanson decided to stop attending high school as he moved from Florida to California in 2009. In California, he married Suzanne ‘Suzy’ Berhow and live in the area of Glendale.

His interest in the world of animation started at a young age. He joined Newground with Egoraptor has his pseudonym in 2001.

His first animation, Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof, was released on DeviantArt in  2004 and submitted some other animation later before getting famous.

Career Information

After the release and success of Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof on DeviantArt, his first Awesome animation was submitted entitled Metal Gear Awesome in 2006. The producer of MTV saw and was interested in the animation.

The channel approached him to produce shorts for an online video game show, The G-Hole. In the same year, Hanson also worked as a voice actor in J.I.M, an animated short on Newgrounds.

His career as a voice actor continued as he got his first role in the video game from Marvel entitled Ultimate Alliance. His role is as the voice of Bruce Banner.

Currently, Hanson is a regular voice actor in Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network as he provides the voice of Gateaux since 2016.

He also plays some other additional characters in the same program including Zonq, Fibby Croix, and more.

Aside from his success in animation and voice acting, Hanson is also an announcer in a program namely Move or Die.

It was started in 2012 when Hanson and Jon Jafari from Jon Trom created a YouTube channel, Game Grumps. In 2013, Jafari was replaced by Dan Avidan from the band Ninja Sex Party.

Following the involvement of Avidan, Game Grumps more focuses on the personal channel with segments like playing video games and talking with the comedic feature.

The popularity of Game Grumps increases and it lets the show have live performances at the Hollywood Improv in 2016. Some other shows are scheduled in some locations including New York.



Egoraptor or Arin Hanson was a brave personality shown by his decision to stop attending school at a young age and try something new.

His moving from his parents’ house is also a good example that he dares to take a risk. It is very reasonable if now, Hanson is one of the most famous internet personalities and public figures with high incomes.