Pros and Cons of Giving an Employee a Company Cell Phone


For an entrepreneur or a CEO, having a good employee is like having a gold mine. It’s because even though you have a perfect system to run your company, the system will be very much useless if the employees who operate it are not good.

So, it’s always a very good idea to support such good employees with inventories, such as company cell phones or even vehicles. However, giving a company cell phone to an employee sometimes doesn’t only have good effects, but also bad effects.


Pros and Cons 

As a starter, we will start with the pros. There are many pros of giving a company cell phone to an employee. The first one is that it can be a symbol of appreciation for the employee for his or her great works.

This of course can be a very good thing, especially if you want to get the respect and loyalty of the employee. This becomes even greater if the company cell phone is much better than the cell phone that the employee has at the moment.

That way, the employee can experience a much better and much more sophisticated technology without having to spend a relatively high amount of money for buying a better cell phone.

The second one is that it’s always a good idea to have a separate cell phone for our jobs. Sometimes, when your job almost represents your life, meaning that more than 50% of your life is spent dedicated to your job, then a separate cell phone used only for the necessity of your job is a must.

This is also what happens to a good and loyal employee. He or she surely needs a separate cell phone to support his or her job. This is also a very good idea to avoid his or her sending a monthly report to his or her family WhatsApp group.

As for the third one, we never know how much free phone memory left that other person has except we ask that person directly. So, it’s very unwise to ask an employee to download large files for the job without considering the free phone memory left of his or her private cell phone.

So, at some point, he or she will eventually tell you that a file cannot be downloaded due to his or her private cell phone’s full memory.

At that point, you will surely realize how important a company cell phone is for the employee. If you have given the employee a company cell phone, then there should be no excuse for having full phone memory when you ask the employee to download a large file.

Those are the pros part in the pros and cons of giving an employee a company cell phone. Now, we are going to the cons part.

As mentioned before, giving a company cell phone to an employee can also give bad effects besides good effects. The first one is obviously about the budget that must be spent to buy the company cell phone that will be given to an employee.

Of course, the budget is very flexible because the price range of cell phones available in the market right now is wide, starting from only below US$100 to above US1,000.

Still, the specification of a company cell phone should be sufficient, meaning that it must not be quite low that makes the cell phone sluggish when it’s being operated.

Otherwise, instead of supporting the job of the employee, the company cell phone will only make the employee more frustrated. So, it can be assumed that the idea budget to spend for a company cell phone is around US$300-US$800. That budget can be quite troublesome if your company budget is still tight.

As for the second one is that a company cell phone can be almost useless to an employee, especially if the employee’s economic status is quite prosperous and he or she has a high end cell phone and the company cell phone that is going to be given to him or her is a middle or low end one.

For those who are already used to high end cell phones, using middle or even low end cell phones can be very painful.


When that situation occurs, your employee will surely still depend more on his private cell phone instead of the company cell phone even if it’s for the things related to the job.

Well, those are the pros and cons of giving an employee a company cell phone. No matter what they are, the decision of whether you have to give a company cell phone to an employee or not is still yours to make.