How Much Data does Google Maps Use?

Navigating with Google Maps doesn’t consume much mobile data. Our experiments show that it is 3MB per 5 minutes, most of the data use comes from two things: routing and looking up specific destinations.

You can expect to use 36MB of data for an hour-long road trip. But if you only use it for short destination such as find nearest gas station from your location it will not consume a lot of data.

But, If you are concerned about your data usage while driving, read on to learn exactly how much data Google Maps consumes.

Our research on data usage has given us a pretty good idea of how much data you’ll use to use Google Maps to navigate to your destination.

Google Maps Data Use

Data UsedTime Used in Minutes

The amount of data that Google Maps uses is ultimately determined by how you utilize it. For example, if you view a single map and zoom in to see street-level detail, it may use up to 2MB of data. If you zoom out and scroll around, it may use as little as 200Kb of data.

Prevent Google Maps from Using too Many Your Mobile Data

Mobile data usage is a major concern for many people.

A study by the UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom found that nearly half (47%) of UK adults plan to reduce their mobile data usage in 2019. This is because of a fear of running out of data and the high cost of data plans.

Data plans are expensive and it’s never fun to see the notification that you’ve reached your limit and need to purchase more.

In many cases, Google Maps is the first app that people use to navigate on their phones. If you’re not careful, you might end up spending a lot on it.

One trick you can do is always use offline maps, download the map you need and it will be stored on your phone for use when there is no WiFi connection available.

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