How to use Google Maps Offline?

Google Maps has been around for nearly a decade, and it’s one of the most popular navigation services in the world. Like all products, however, Google Maps isn’t without its faults.

One of the most significant issues is that it works best with a solid data connection, something that can be challenging in some regions.

What if you don’t have internet access? Well luckily Google Maps has an offline mode that let’s you save maps to your phone or tablet for use when you’re not connected to wifi.

If you’re planning a hiking or road trip any time soon, then you might want to know how to navigate Google Maps offline. This tutorial will show you step by step how to plan a route and save it ahead of time, so that you can find your way even if there’s no signal.


Google Maps Offline: How do you Store Them (Download Google Maps)

It’s easy to store offline maps on your smartphone. You just need to have a good data connection when downloading the map and an app that supports offline maps.

Let’s move on to showing you how to use Google Maps offline.

This guide was created using a Pixel 4a with 5G running Android 12. It’s likely that the steps differ slightly depending on your model and operating system.

  • Launch Google Maps.
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, tap on your profile picture.
  • Choose Offline maps.
  • You can often find recommendations on Google. Choose your own map if the recommended maps do not cover your desired area.
  • Zooming in and out is now possible, allowing you to change the size of the download area. To download an area, select it.
  • In the lower-right corner, click the Download button once you have made your selection.

 A Different Approach

Google Maps is a fantastic service for those who are always on the go. It works offline, but if you have a quick trip and just need to know your way around, there’s a more temporary solution. If you start navigating before losing your connection, you can use Google Maps offline.

With the new features of Maps, getting to your destination is becoming easier than ever before. Maps will automatically download the info you need to get to your destination, and it will stay active even if you go offline in the process.

You will be able to keep the route data until you reach your destination or turn off Maps once you set the route. This is completely independent from the maps you have downloaded.

How does Google Maps Offline Mode Work?

However, Google Maps offers offline mode which allows you to download an area of interest before entering offline mode.

You should download this map before leaving the comfort of your wifi access.

However, these offline maps are stored on your phone and can take up a lot of memory space depending on the size of the map. The offline map will take up 1.5 GB of storage space, so be sure to clear out any other photos or videos to make room.

To do this, go to Menu > Offline Areas > Settings > Storage type and select SD card.

Offline maps are a great way to get directions without having to rely on data connections, but they only work for about 15 days. To make sure you always have a map handy, save a map of where you need to go before you start driving.

With the constant changes happening in the world, maps need to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with all the new developments. Although you are an offline map user, Google will force users to update their maps by telling them they are out of date.

However, there are a few steps you need to take in order to ensure your maps stay updated. The first step is to activate automatic updates, which will automatically update your maps when you have an internet connection.

Google Maps offers a number of features when in an online state, but these features are unavailable when offline. This means that while there is a wealth of knowledge available on the map, it cannot be accessed if the phone is not connected to a network or Wi-Fi.

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