Greg Locke Net Worth, Biography and More

Have you ever heard the name Greg Locke? For those of you who are a religious person, you might at least have heard of him. Greg Locke is known as a pastor, yet he is a controversial figure for a pastor.

Despite being controversial, his popularity seems to be helping him to gain an incredible Greg Locke net worth.

It is reported that Greg Locke net worth 2021 is $129 million. But on his Twitter, Locke tweeted that he would love to see that (net worth), which means he indirectly clarifies that it is not true.

So, up to now, no one knows exactly how much his net worth is.


As it is said before, Greg Locke is an American pastor who has a huge number of followers, especially on the internet.

His Facebook page has more than 2.1 million likes. He founded the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, the United States of America.

As a popular pastor, Greg Locke is very controversial since he is so vocal about issues happening in the world. 2 of the most controversial things he ever did was marrying his Church assistant and telling his followers not to trust the Covid-19 vaccine.

Greg Locke got married twice. His first marriage did not work, and it was one of his most controversial moments since he was cheating on his first wife with his now second wife.

He also did a controversial interview, saying that his first wife has mental health issues. Therefore, some people consider Greg Locke as one of the most controversial individuals on the internet who has polarized faithful people.

Early Life

Greg Locke was born in Donelson, Tennessee, the US, on May 18th, 1976. He also grew up in Tennessee as well, exactly in Mount Juliet.

He then converted to Christianity in April 1992. During his teenage years, Greg Locke mentioned in an interview that he was a wayward teenager.

He was in state’s custody, arrested 6 times, and on probation 5 times. He also revealed that his father was in the Tennessee State Penitentiary for around 10 years. He also had a stepdad.

He became a Christian when he was shipped off to a boy’s home. Greg Locke has a master’s degree in Revival History from the Baptist Theological School of New England.

Besides, he also earned a graduate of theology degree from Ambassador Baptist College. Greg Locke founded and became the founding pastor of the Global Vision Bible Church on November 5th, 2006.

This church is in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where Locke grew up.

Previously, the church was named the Global Vision Baptist Church. But they have renamed it to this current name.

Greg Locke and Jarrod Almond, who is his executive pastor, run the church without the supervision of deacons, congregational votes, or a board of elders. It is expected that Greg Locke net worth comes from this institution.