Learn How to Open a Hairdressing Salon


How to open a hairdressing salon and develop the business? A hairdressing salon is an always demanding business. There are more women and men that are willing to keep their budget to their regular visits to the hairdressing salon.

How Much does it Cost to Open a Hair Salon? Well, Depending on location, size, and condition of the property and equipment, it can cost about $40,000 to $250,000 to purchase an existing salon. The average cost of building a salon from scratch is $100,000 to $500,000.


How to Open a Hairdressing Salon

Make your Business Plan 

The first step when you start any business is creating a business plan. A business plan is the first step that should not be skipped. The business plan is a further detailed plan of how the hairdressing salon earns money for you.

A well-detailed business plan includes the customer segments, supplier, cost structure, marketing channel, for example, social media platform, revenue streams, and resources.

In other words, the business plan includes a complex plan to design a hairdressing salon and reach more people in your salon chair.

Who will be your salon segments? You can accept mixed salon clientele. However, women always become a major client. Be creative when you decide on a name for a salon.

Find a catchy name that represents your salon segment and identify your place as a destination when people need to go to the salon. How does your salon design look?

Nowadays there are a lot of crosses over places. You can find coffee shops with a library and so with a hairdressing salon with coffee and snacks. This concept can skip if you want to keep simple things on salon service.

The business plan also involves the estimation of startup costs, marketing strategy, and when you think how long the business will break even. The funding for opening a salon may need a consultant or expert. This can help you to avoid wrong money management.

Checklist Preparation to Open Hairdressing Salon

As you arrange your business plan, ensure you put the checklist to refer to what you need to before you open a hairdressing salon. This checklist will help you to ensure you do not skip the step by step to open a hairdressing salon.

  1. Structure your business plan.
  2. Find a legal structure.
  3. Register your business and the name
  4. Find a strategic location
  5. Get a license to operate hairdressing salon
  6. Find insurance to protect your business
  7. Find suppliers
  8. Buy the entire equipment you need for hairdressing salon operation
  9. Buy the furniture.
  10. Hire the hairstylist
  11. Train the workers
  12. Start the salon and promote with right marketing and promotion


Determining the Cost  

The cornerstone from creating a business plan is figuring out an estimation of money you need for running the business.

When opening a business and writing a business plan, keep in your mind that between the operating cost and upfront costs there is a possibility in months or even more than a year for you to turn the balance and earn a profit. The cost of a salon depends on the size and your salon scope.


Buy Insurance for Salon 

Insurance is needed for most businesses. The insurance will protect your business from unexpected incidents such as disasters or dishonorable employees who stole business money.


Get the salon License 

Talking about how to open a hairdressing salon includes the licensee discussion. The license can be varied depending on the local regulation and services you offered in your salon.

The permit that any hair salon needs include a business operation license, license for retail, building permit, fire department permit, occupancy certification, the license of state cosmetology, and resale certification.

The resale certification allows you to buy goods to resale them in your salon without paying sales tax. Check the local regulation to open a business.


Find Strategic Location 

A key to finding a location for business is easy to access and easy to find. This should be the top priority when you find the location for your business.

If you are a former salon employee and now open your own business, try to find a location that is not too far from an old customer.

Your loyal customer perhaps wants to come to your business to get their favorite haircut. Your salon also should be easy to find by a new customer.

Make sure the location is visible. The busy shopping street or near the market is a hidden gem. Consider a place that provides a new parking facility.


Build Hairdressing team 

If you are a former hairdresser, you can start your salon on your own. However, as the business grows, you may need a stylist to help you. More customers means there is lots of work to do, but you still need to find expertise.

Your employee will be your representation of your business. You put your reputation from their qualification. Besides their skills, talent, test their passion.

A friendly and social person will benefit as the customer finds congeniality with your employee and they will become a loyal customer.


Branding Your Hair salon and get more client 

After you arrange your business plan, insurance for the hair salon, and get the perfect location the next step is to get customers to come to your salon. If you have an old customer, let them know where you open the new place.

Your old customer is best to gain a new customer. Ask them to bring a friend with them and reward them with a discount. Your client is king, so ensure they get the best service to build your salon reputation.


Bring your salon to Online 

Make a social media business account for expanding your promotion. You can create a website, Facebook, or Instagram account. Your salon’s social media is an online presence to make your salon more visible to the targeted consumer. Make your salon easy to book service.


Scale Up your Business in Careful 

After the business runs for a while, you will get a grand vision for how it operates and how big the business will grow. The equipment for a hairdressing salon is expensive. You don’t need to buy everything when you start.

You may consider equipment from another salon that closes their operation and save your money. Make research and get a business consultant to help you follow a guide on how to open a hairdressing salon beyond if necessary.