How to Start A Pizzeria?


Who does not like pizza? It is fair to say that everyone loves pizza and no one can reject every slice of delicious pizza. This food comes with various toppings.

From savory toppings, such as beef, chicken, and pepperoni, to sweet toppings, such as pineapples.

Pizza is surely perfect to enjoy with family and friends, especially during weekends. You probably notice that most pizzerias are always full of customers.

This is why starting a pizzeria can be a promising business. Starting a pizzeria can be a great investment, especially if you prepare it well.

However, many people are wondering about how much does it cost to start a pizza shop. Well, the answer depends on so many various things.

It depends on how big you want your pizzeria to be, how good the quality of the ingredients you will use, how sophisticated the equipment you will use, and many more.

Some questions can also affect the cost to start a pizzeria. How many employees are you going to hire?

Do you rent, buy, or utilize your own place to start your pizzeria? As you can see, it cannot be ensured how much money you have to spend to open a pizzeria.

What can be ensured is the type of cost to start a pizzeria. The cost will likely be a cost for the equipment, ingredients or production cost, and operational cost.

The operational cost consists of the electricity cost, rental fee, water cost, and labor cost. Each cost may depend on the regulation in the area where you live.

If you are planning to start a pizzeria, below are some strategies that you can try.


How to Start a Pizza Shop

Create an Authentic Pizza Recipe

With a lot of pizzerias found in every country, or at least in the area you live, you should be able to create an authentic pizza recipe that is different from others. Using high-quality ingredients is important to determine the taste of your pizza recipe.

You can also experiment with various toppings to create an innovative pizza recipe. Make sure you write the recipe in detail when you are creating a unique pizza so that you can recreate it later.

Moreover, do not forget to sort out the kinds of pizza you display on the menu. This will complete your pizzeria’s branding and service.

Other important things that you must consider is preparing necessary equipment, deciding your market target, hiring employees, and preparing enough funds. These all are important when you want to start running a pizzeria.

Brand and Style

Presenting the right concept and branding is essential for running a restaurant. Do not forget to write your business plan and collect fun when you are about to open a restaurant, including pizzeria.

When it comes to style, there are some styles that are commonly applied in most pizzerias. The decision depends on the funds available, location, and goals you want to reach.

The first style is the sit-down style. With this concept, you can serve customers from various circles. This sit-down concept can make your pizzeria feels comfortable and cozy.

The next is the delivery concept. During this global pandemic, this concept can be suitable. You only serve customers by delivering pizza to their locations. However, you have a greater risk to the safety of drivers delivering pizzas to customers’ homes.

You also need to consider the shipping cost if you apply the delivery concept to your pizzeria. The last is the take-out or take-away concept.

This is the most affordable concept because it does not require a dining area, tableware, and some other things. This take-away concept is also suitable for this global pandemic time. But the disadvantage of this concept is the set menu price becomes the only selling point.


Strategic Locations

When you are looking for a location where you will open your pizzeria, there are some strategies that you can apply to find the best location. First, avoid direct competition with other pizzerias, especially with the already-popular ones.

Next, find a location that can be easily accessed. If it is possible, find a location near the highway or main road. A comfortable parking area can also attract customers to visit your pizzeria.

Then, explore the demography market in the area you choose. Make sure there is a customer base who will be interested in your pizzeria concept at that location.


Finding Funds

The next strategy is finding funds. This is especially important if you do not have enough money to start a pizzeria. When you are finding funds for your pizzeria, you need to calculate first how many funds that you can provide from yourself.

It is important to consider all the financial requirements needed to open and run a pizzeria every day. Next, you can estimate the financial condition for a year ahead. Do not hesitate to apply for a loan if you have a good business plan.


The Equipment

The equipment needed to open a pizzeria depends on the concept you choose to apply in your pizzeria. But some essential tools that every pizzeria need to have are:

  • A refrigerator.
  • Equipment to prepare the pizza dough, such as dough presses, dough sheeters, and proofing cabinets.
  • An oven for baking pizza. For example, brick pizza oven, pizza deck oven, impinger oven, convection oven, or conveyor oven.
  • Equipment to prepare pizza, such as pizza cutters, plates, serving utensils, and cutting boards.
  • Equipment to serve pizza, such as pizza delivery bags and pizza stands.


Qualified Employees

Employees will be the face of your pizzeria. So, make sure you hire the ones that can represent your restaurant in the best way. Find employees with warm personalities.

It is important to make sure that your customers feel comfortable interacting with your employees. Loyalty is also an important asset for your business continuity. Build a family environment to create employees who will love their work. Reward them with an appropriate salary and bonuses.

Those are the strategies to start a pizzeria. Besides those strategies mentioned above, do not forget to promote your business in the best way.