If You Experience HTC 10 Battery Issues, Do This Immediately


HTC 10 battery issues can be annoying and disturbing at some points. With the never-ending updates of the apps on the phone, it tends to get worse.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what to do when this particular problem comes.


Fix HTC 10 Battery Issues

  • Checking the Usage and Overall Health of the Battery

Before doing anything about the battery usage problems in this phone, it is best to check the health and usage. To access the menu of HTC 10 battery usage and condition is straightforward.

Go to the main list of Settings of the device. Second, tap the Battery option and reveal the available options by tapping the menu. Third, choose the Show the complete device battery usage to display the information about the battery.

On the other hand, it is possible to do this by tapping the Show app usage menu. Another option is by opening the Apps menu from the Settings and picking an individual app to assess it.

The app that uses most of the battery will sit on top of the list. It helps to determine the things to do to deal with the battery problems HTC 10. It is best to do this check regularly.

  • How to Deal with HTC 10 Battery Issues the Right Way?

There are several ways to reduce the effects of HTC 10 battery issues. The first thing to do is to reboot the device. To do this, turn off the phone and let it sit for a few minutes.

It is best to wait until at least fifteen minutes before turning it back on. Then, it is best to charge the battery while the phone remains in standby mode. After the battery is full, try it out and check the battery drain.

The second thing to do on this matter is to activate the so-called Power Saving mode at all times. Many Android handheld devices will have this option in the Settings menu.

Many third-party apps help with HTC 10 battery issues. The third thing to do is to limit the background activities of the apps in it. If there are too many active apps in the background, the battery will suffer a lot.

The fourth thing to do is checking on the available updates for the device, if available. Sometimes, an official update from the manufacturer of the phone comes with tons of fixes.

Therefore, it is worth trying to improve HTC 10 battery life. It applies to the apps as well. The available updates for the apps may alter their battery usage. So, updating the apps that are in use at all times is necessary.

The final possible solution for the HTC 10 battery issues is to do a Factory Reset. It will eliminate everything from the phone.

Therefore, it will bring the phone to its clean state as if it is a new one. If the problems persist, the battery itself can be in terrible condition. If that is the case, replacing the battery can be the only solution.