Kazuki Takahashi Net Worth


The popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh cards doesn’t only bring fame but also cash for the creator. As the mastermind behind these cards, Kazuki Takahashi net worth isn’t something that people can ignore.

Considering the successful sales of Yu-Gi-Oh, his net worth is also estimated to reach million dollars. Some online outlets even reveal that Takahashi has earned not less than $20 million from his career as a cartoonist.

This huge amount of money isn’t solely derived from Yu-Gi-Oh sales. However, people need to admit that it is Yu-Gi-Oh that boosts his personal wealth significantly.


Kazuki Takahashi’s Career

Most of Kazuki Takahashi’s net value is derived from the sales of his works, especially Yu-Gi-Oh. Before Yu-Gi-Oh, not many people knew about Takahashi.

His works like Fighting Hawk and Tennenshoku Danji Bury didn’t receive much attention. It was in 1996 that his name got popular through the release of Yu-Gi-Oh.

It also led him to expand his career as a game creator. He got the inspiration to create the cards from Taro, a shiba inu that became his pet dog.

Born in Tokyo, on October 4, 1961, Kazuki Takahashi began his professional career as a Manga artist in 1982.

Following the success of Yu-Gi-Oh, he was offered to collaborate with other artists, both from Japan and other countries.

He worked together with Yoshio Sawai to draw an image of Dark Yugi. Later, he also participated in an art exchange with Hellboy’s creator, Mike Mignola.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards – How Much are They Worth?

Yu-Gi-Oh started as a Manga. The series was so popular and strategic decisions were made to bring the Manga to a different level.

After massive popularity as a Manga, Yu-Gi-Oh then transformed into a trading card game. Just like the Manga version, Yu-Gi-Oh cards as a game were also popular.

Along with the growing popularity of the cards, videogames were later created based on them. The evolution of Yu-Gi-Oh was one of the main reasons why Kazuki Takahashi’s net income is so big.

So, how much are Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards actually worth? Well, a Yu-Gi-Oh card is worth $0.16 on average.

There are 60 to 100 cards available in the Yu-Gi-Oh cards’ new booster box. These cards are divided into groups.

They are Secret Rares, Ultra Rares, Super Rares, and Commons. The higher the rarity rares of the cards, the more worth.

However, you need to know that all of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards don’t come with a fixed price. Determining the value of the cards will depend on several factors.

These include condition, demand, and the rarity of the cards. Although there is no fixed price range for the cards, they used to be somewhere between $0.1 to $200.

So, it is not surprising that the price of the cards can be just a few cents to a few million dollars, depending on the factors mentioned above.