KingsIsle Entertainment , History and Net Worth


For those of you who are a true gamer, you are probably already familiar with KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. If you ever play Pirate 101 or Wizard 101, these games are developed by KingsIsle.

KingsIsle is an American video game developer company based in Texas, USA. KingsIsle net worth is $37.2 million per year.

This article will discuss more about KingsIsle Entertainment, from its history, KingsIsle net worth, and more.


What is KingsIsle Entertainment?

KingsIsle Entertainment is an American video game developer. It is headquartered in Plano, Texas. This video game developer is very famous for its massive multiplayer role-playing games, which are Pirate 101 and Wizard 101.

The founder is Elie Akilian, he founded KingsIsle back in January 2005. KingsIsle Entertainment operates a development studio based in Round Rock, Texas. Most of its employees also work there. This game developer company currently has 184 employees.

Through Pirate101 and Wizard101, KingsIsle Entertainment have gathered more than 50 million registered players up to now.

Besides those 2 popular games, it also developed top-rated mobile games, including Rise & Destroy and EverClicker. Moreover, KingsIsle Entertainment also creates MMO and mobile entertainment offerings that are high quality, innovative, attractive, and extraordinary.

This company focuses on the development of video games, commercial software, online environment, and communications.

The estimation of KingsIsle net worth is $37.2 million as its annual revenue. While its estimated revenue per employee is $202,000. Last year, this game developer company raised the number of its employees by 9%.


The History of KingsIsle Entertainment

The founder, Elie Akilian, founded KingsIsle Entertainment because of the inspiration he got from his teenage son, who loves to play video games.

Elie Akilian established his game developer company in Plano, Texas, USA. He hired former employees of Ubisoft and id Software to work on a project that would become Wizard101.

Before KingsIsle Entertainment, Elie Akilian had a communications software company named Inet Technologies.

But in 2004, he sold his former company to Tektronix for $325 million. Then he used this fund to work on Wizard 101.

In December 2007, J. Todd Coleman, who was the founder of Wolfpack Studios, joined KingsIsle Entertainment. He did so after he sold his company to Ubisoft also in 2004.

Once Coleman joined KingsIsle, he became the company’s third employee. 3 years later after being established, which is exactly on April 25th, 2008, KingsIsle Entertainment formally announced its existence.

At that time, KingsIsle already had 100 employees. For Wizard101, which is its first project, Coleman was the leader of the development.

Later that year, the company launched Wizard 101 as a massively role-playing online multiplayer game. The target market of the game is kids and teenagers.

In this game, players will play a role as student witches and wizards in a fantasy world. Back in September 2012, this first project of KingsIsle successfully gained more than 30 million registered users.


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This company develops many games, including AlphaCat, EverClicker, Grub Guardian, Monster Mega Battle, and Animal Cove. But its most popular games are Wizard101 and Pirate101.