Leland Sklar Net Worth


Are you into music so much? If you are, then you might at least have heard the name Leland Sklar. He is called the King of the Whole Note, thanks to his specialty and majestic skills of electric bass. It is estimated that Leland Sklar net worth 2021 is around $3.75 million.


Who is Leland Sklar?

Leland Sklar is an American musician as well as electric bass guitarist. He made records with famous, popular artists such as Reba McEntire, Jackson Browne, and Phil Collins.

Has been contributing to more than 2.000 albums, Leland Sklar is also a session musician and film score composer.

He recorded soundtracks for movies, including Forrest Gump, Kindergarten Cop, Ghost, Conspiracy Theory, Coyote Ugly, and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

He also played bass for quite many TV shows, including Hill Street Blues, LA Law, The Rockford Files, Knight Rider, and Simon & Simon.

He was a part of the music department for movies Playing by Heart and Jimi: All is by My Side. With so many works, some of you are probably curious about Leland Sklar net worth.


Early Life

Leland Sklar was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States of America on May 27th, 1947. He has been into music so much since he was just a kid.

He revealed in an interview that he began to learn to play piano when he was 5 years old. Leland Sklar attended California State University and took the music program as his major.

When he was a student in the university, he met James Taylor. Then, James Taylor invited him to play bass at several events.

At that time, both Taylor and Sklar thought they might play together for only around 30 days. But Taylor’s Fire and Rain became a big, popular record hit so that Sklar’s career started to increase.

Leland Sklar often worked with drummer Russ Kunkel, guitarist Danny Kortchmar, and keyboardist Craig Doerge in the 1970s.

Together they recorded 3 albums under the name The Section between 1972 to 1977. After years of being a bass user, Sklar became an endorser of Warwick Star Bass II in 2013.

During his music career, Leland Sklar has contributed to a lot of movies and TV shows in the form of soundtracks.

Some of his soundtracks include Metropolis, The Prince of Egypt, Black Dog, Catwalk, The Postman, Message in a Bottle, For Love of the Game, Legally Blonde, and so many more.

So, it is not surprising that he earns such a huge Leland Sklar net worth. Leland Sklar has a wife named Maureen.

Leland Sklar has also worked together with many well-known musicians and performers, such as Aaron Neville, Lyle Lovett, Peter Frampton, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, BB King, The Doors, and many more.

That is everything you should know about the legendary bassist and composer, Leland Sklar.