Why does LG G4 WiFi Won’t Turn On and Function Properly?


There are numerous issues with LG G4 to address today, one of which is that LG G4 Wi-Fi won’t turn on. It is among the problems that can be annoying for users. Without reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, some users cannot enjoy the best functionality of the device itself.

Regarding the causes of the problem on this matter, they remain unclear. There can be some issues within the software or even the hardware of the device. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to know what to do as a workaround to the LG G4 Wi-Fi problem. It is a must to test the basic connectivity through the router in the first place.


FIX LG G4 Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On

Turn on the connection to the router through the ON/OFF slider within the Settings, Connections, and Wi-Fi options. Access the internet using that connection and assess the situation. Some of the problems that occur include automatic data switches.

Some users consider this as their idea Wi-Fi won’t turn on trouble. There is a simple way out to deal with this issue immediately. To do this, turn on the data connection of the device. Then go to the Settings section and tap Wireless.

On top of the screen, there will be the Smart network switch option. Uncheck the box on this option to prevent auto switching of connection. Aside from the LG G4 Wi-Fi won’t turn on because of the auto-switching, something else may cause more issues.

Some people consider a slow connection as another example of the problem. Nevertheless, it remains possible to handle it appropriately. The best recommendation is to go with the step of wipe cache partition. Entering the recovery mode is necessary to get to the option of wiping the cache partition.

After tapping that option, the phone will reboot, and hopefully, the problem will vanish. It turns out that too many saved connections of Wi-Fi can lead to this issue of LG G4 Wi-Fi won’t turn on. The space to hold the profiles may not be capable of keeping all of them at once.

Therefore, deleting old connection settings may help with this issue. Go to the Wi-Fi section in the Settings menu of the phone. Turn the Wi-Fi on to see the available profiles. Tap and hold on to the connection profiles to delete and forget it for good.

After deleting some of the profiles, it may not be problematic to connect to a new Wi-Fi profile or setting. Thus, it is one of the ways to eliminate the problem of LG G4 Wi-Fi poor connection.

If there is a time when the connection is fast but becomes slow on some apps, check the apps. They may need new updates or that the data saver setting is active in them. The LG G4 Wi-Fi won’t turn on matter can be annoying for sure. Fortunately, those workarounds can be helpful on this matter.



Nevertheless, it is best to contact an authorized service center if the problem persists after trying them out. In many ways, the fact that it is among the aged phones out there makes it reasonable to be problematic.