4 DIY LG V10 Won’t Boot Methods You Can Do Before Asking for Help of An Authorized Technician


Your LG V10 wont boot if the screen remains black and nothing is showing up. It also happens after you charge the phone battery.

Try to connect the phone to a power outlet to ensure the problem. It is a basic method to ensure if the problem is not because of a dead battery. Then, do the methods below.


FIX LG V10 Won’t Boot

  • Use the Power Button Method 

The Power button method is the simplest way to solve the LG V10 won’t boot up problem. You only have to press the power button several times. This simple trick is to ensure that the Power button is properly working. Do other methods if this method doesn’t work at all.

  • Recovery Mode and Delete Cache Partition

It is another effective method you can try if your LG V10 wont boot. Hold the volume up button, home, and Power button at the same time. Release the power button once you feel the phone vibrates. Keep holding the other two buttons until you see the recovery screen.

Highlight the wipe cache partition by using the volume down button. Then, select it by pressing the Power button. This action will automatically clear the cache partition. It leads to the automatic reboot process. Now, you can use the device back to normal.

  • Use Safe Mode Method

Use the safe mode method if the two methods above don’t help you. Hold the Power button until you see the LG logo on the screen. Release the Power button once you see the logo and hold the volume down key. You will see a safe mode text at the bottom left corner of the screen if the process is successful.

Use the device in safe mode and check the performance. You can try to uninstall the recently installed apps if the performance of the LG V10 is better in safe mode.

This method shows if the third-party applications were the cause of the LG V10 won’t boot problem.

  • Factory Reset

Factory reset is a risky method, but you can try to do it. This method may cause you to lose data or files on your LG V10. That’s why you have to create a backup first before doing this method. You only have to turn off the LG V10 and hold the volume up button, home, and power button at the same time. Release the buttons once you see the Android icon.

Select the wipe data or factory reset option by using the volume down. Then, press the power button to select it. Highlight the yes option by using the volume down button to delete all user data and press the power button to select it.

Wait until the device reboots. Use the power button to select it. Wait for the LG V10 to restart. Everything is deleted once the LG V10 is ready to use. It is time to set up the device again.


Last Words

You have to bring your device to the authorized technician if the methods above don’t solve the problem.

LG wont boot is a frustrating problem, so you have to solve it right away. Ensure that you choose the right solution to prevent other serious issues.