Guide to Make Money on Steams by Selling a Game


Steam is said to be not only the best platform to play various types of video games. You also can make money on this platform by selling a game. Now, are you interested to try to make some cash from this popular game platform?

Here, we have several methods or steps you can follow to do that. We hope after you read this article, you are ready to make money. So, let’s see how to sell steam games in the easiest possible way.


Best Way to Make Money on Steam

Own the Game

First of all, you must own a game that you want to sell on Steam. It is the new policy of this platform. You can sell a game if you are a game developer or the official owner of that game.

In the past, the Steam policy about selling a game was a bit different. You can buy a game on Steam and put it in your inventory. Then, you can resell it from your inventory to other players.

The inventory selling game was also known as the gifting method. However, due to the new policy, you can’t do that anymore. You can buy the game and enjoy all benefits and features on Steam.

How to Sell the Game

Once you have the game to sell, you are ready to go. So, here are the steps-by-steps you can follow to sell your game.

  • Register to Steam service. Once you do that, you will get the digital paperwork you have to sign to start your business.
  • Pay the app deposit. You also have to pay the deposit for using Steam as the platform to sell your game. Steam only accepts the bank transfer for this payment, so make sure you have that.
  • Verification. Once you finish all your paperwork and payment, Steam will verify your identity. Make sure you provide detailed information to make everything go smoothly.
  • Now, you will get access to Steamworks, tools you can use to tweak your game. Use it to improve your game compatibility on the Steam platform. You also can use it to promote your game.

Note: Steam also helps you with all kinds of promotions on this step. It includes configuring your game features. Plus, you also can get live demos on Steamworks.

  • Test runs your game. Now, you can do a test run to ensure your game works well on Steam. This process takes from one to five days.
  • Once you finish the test run, your game is ready to sell. And, every time a player buys it, you will get money from it. 



That’s all that you need to know about how to sell steam games. Those steps are easy to follow. Plus, Steam also provides many benefits and tools for you to use.

One last thing you need to know is about promotion. Make sure you create a Steam page a few weeks before your game release. That way, you can get enough exposure that lets your game attract more attention.