Melanie Olmstead Life, Career, and Death


Melanie Olmstead was one of the Hollywood industry contributors. She spent her career behind the camera as a film crew. Died at 50, she took a role in Yellowstone. 

The drama made her famous before she died. The following information talks about her personal and professional background in detail. 


Melanie Olmstead Biography

Career and Projects

She began her career as a crew member and has worked for the Hollywood industry since 2000. Her job desk allows her to serve as an assistant for several movies and TV shows. 

Aside from her role as an assistant, she also becomes a transporter. She drives for some movies and TV series like Good Joe, John Carter, Frozen, etc. 

Her amazing talent was more than in front of the camera. She becomes one of the unsung heroes in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she included the one who supported this industry tirelessly. 

She performed well to any job title she had. People appreciated her effort and contribution to the industry. Because of that, many people recognize her work. 

Then, she got the chance to take a role in the Yellowstone season two finale. Her contribution to the entertainment industry makes the show dedicate the whole episode of it to her. 

The show tribute to her and make fans focus on her. Her performance brings curiosity from the fans as well as the industry. 

In the series, she was not only the transportation but also the head of it. Her death causes the directors to feel a huge loss. Her best work for the series makes her well known. 

Melanie Olmstead also contributed a critical role to other series. She took part in Hereditary, Good Joe Bell, Snatchers, and Andi Mack. She gains success in Yellowstone. 

The serial popularity results in her success too. This show made her recognizable among fans and viewers. The entertainment industry expresses their gratitude for her that is never forgotten. 

The fans even gave quick responses on Twitter once it was released. They wonder about the connection between her and the season finale. 


Life and Parents

This wonderful woman was born on November 15 in 1968. She originated from Salt Lake City in Utah, United States. 

When she was young, she studied in a local school in Utah. She graduated from Westminster School. After that, she spent and dedicated most of her career as an entertainment crew member. 

Melanie married Annalise Ford in 2015. It was a solemn wedding vow between the couple. Unfortunately, her marriage ended fast because of her death. 

Many sources mention that she was happy with her marriage. However, it is difficult to dig news about her married life on the internet. No information is mentioned specifically about her husband, children, or marital life. 

Unfortunately, there was an issue related to her personal life. Rumors said that she was struggling with some family difficulties. It also mentioned that it affected Melanie’s psychological health. 

Growing up as an active girl, she has multiple talents, especially in the movie and TV show industry. She is not only a hard-working person but also a person with dedication. 

The young Melanie Olmstead is adopted by a former military veteran and his late wife. Her adoptive father was Reid Howard, and her adoptive mother was Janet Corbridge. 

Sadly, her adoptive mother passed away a few years later. It was in 1979, and her adoptive father married her second wife, named Loa Rose Hanson. 

As a young girl, her father and her stepmother raise her well. They gave her full support for her education and career life. Meanwhile, her biological parents’ identity is still undiscovered up to now. 

One year after her marriage, her father died. It happened in 2016 that is 37 years after her adoptive mother’s death. 


Horse Lover

Since she was young, she has loved animals. As a little child, she was keen on various animals. Yet, she put horses in the special place of her heart. 

Of course, this reason brings her to be a fan of the series. Yellowstone enables her to express her love for horses. 

If you see her Facebook profile, you will realize it. There is a photo of her horse, named Mahogany. She shared to express her love for it on her social media. 

She explains her love for her horse to the media. She said that she started to love horses at a very young age. After she grew up, she got a chance to have a horse for herself. 

Her horse has been with her since she was in college. Recently, she celebrated Mahogany’s birthday. In June 2020, her horse mate will be 39 years old.

Melanie Olmstead praised Mahogany a lot during her life. She said Mahogany was a great horsey friend.


Death and Commemoration

She passed away on May 25, 2019. She died at 50 for unknown reasons. This news made people shocked and surprised, especially to closer friends. Sadly, a few media suggest her death caused by suicide. Yet, no evidence can prove her death speculations. 

Her death remains an unsolved issue. The cause is undisclosed, mainly to the media and the public. 

Her hard efforts in this industry made her family and friends appreciate it. They held a commemoration of her life on July 30. It took place in Salt Lake City in Utah

A close friend wrote for her as a remembrance, mentioning that she was an amazing person. She was multi-talented as well as a good friend for over 30 years. 

Knowing about her death, all the crew filled their heart with deep sorrow. Melanie was lovable not only by her colleague but also by her friends. They respected her a lot as she was a humble person. 

Her kind-hearted personality made people love her. Her family, as well as her friends, remember Melanie fondly. Many colleagues expressed their sorrow through their writing. 

Additionally, she showed her high integrity for her careers and projects. Her hard work for some films took her to be a well-known figure. Therefore, the public can recognize Melanie Olmstead at ease.