Mint Mobile Review 2023, is this a Good Addition to your Lifestyle or Not?

There are many network providers that you can use to supply your phone-related needs. Mint Mobile is one of them. this Mint Mobile Review 2023 dedicated to giving you a comprehensive explanation.

Mint isn’t just another data provider for your cellphones. Instead, it is a wireless communication service provider that focuses on providing connective data to mobile phones as well as providing other mobile phone-related services all around the United States.

Mint Mobile has won at least three telecommunication-related awards and is referred to as one of the most disruptive and compelling wireless options in their markets.

Some of you may have wondered what this Costa Mesa, California-based telecommunication company management has done in their products that make them one of the most recommended service providers for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) around the United States. Nonetheless, not every network is supported by Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile Data Plans

Packages12-Month Renewal6-Month Renewal3-Month Renewal
4 GB Plan$15/month$20/month$25/month
10 GB Plan$20/month$25/month$35/month
15 GB Plan$25/month$35/month$45/month
Unlimited Data$30/month$35/month$40/month


  • Affordable


  • There is no family plans

Mint Mobile Review 2023

What Network does Mint Mobile Use?

As a MVNO, Mint Mobile doesn’t have and operate their wireless network infrastructures. Mint Mobile operates through the infrastructures that come from networks that already exist on markets. In other words, Mint Mobile has the licenses to be able to use existing networks’ coverages to provide their services.

T-Mobile is the official network for Mint Mobile users. At the same time, you need not only have phones that support the T-Mobile networks. Instead, make sure that the phones also support Mint Mobile’s Extended Range LTE that is also referred to as the LTE Band 71.

Another existing network where Mint Mobile’s services can be used is the AT&T. Like T-Mobile, AT&T has to be in the GSM mode so the Mint Mobile’s services will be optimized.

So, unless your phones are compatible with either T-Mobile or AT&T, you can’t use Mint Mobile for your phones. You also need to look at how strong are the network coverages of T-Mobile or AT&T in each state to determine which one is best for you.

What do you Get from Mint?

You will get SIM cards when you register to Mint Mobile’s services. The SIM cards can be ordered online. When you receive the SIM cards, you can install them in your phones and activate them through Mint Mobile’s application.

Since T-Mobile, the official network attached to Mint Mobile’s services, has gone to the 5G infrastructures in their services, you also get 5G on your phones when you register for Mint Mobile. The 5G signal you get from Mint Mobile can be accessed anywhere in the United States.

Mint Mobile doesn’t only give your phones the 5G signal. You also don’t get charged regardless when you bring your own 5G-capable devices or buy 5G phones from Mint Mobile, which makes a Mint Mobile a great bonus for your phone’s needs.

Being officially attached to T-Mobile, which connections and signals are best in the outdoor areas in metropolitan cities all around the United States, as the Mint Mobile users, you can also reap the benefit of higher speeds when using the MVNO for your phones.

The numbers of limitations are also huge for up to 1 GBps as well as the abilities to get the exclusive sub-6GHz 5G services. Since some of Mint Mobile’s data plans also include the hotspot data usages, these benefits can also be applied to your other devices.

What Phones can you Use with Mint Mobile?

Like any other MVNOs and other data and network service providers in the world, iPhone and Samsung-type phones are the most compatible for this MVNO. At the same time, not all iPhone and Samsung phones can be used with Mint Mobile.

iPhone SE White, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro are three iPhone phones that are recommended to be used with Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile even sells iPhone SE White and iPhone 12 with different monthly payment plans as well as data packages.

For example, the iPhone SE White has 4GB data limit per month included in the payment plans, while the iPhone 12 has unlimited monthly data limit included in the payment plans.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 are among Samsung phones that can be used with Mint Mobile since those two phones have already been able to support the 5G infrastructure.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is also a compatible phone to be used with Mint Mobile, given that the Galaxy A51 has supported the 5G infrastructure. Other phones that are also suitable for the services provided by Mint Mobile are OnePlus 8 Pro, Google Pixel 4, Sony Xperia 1, and Motorola Edge.

There can be other phones and devices that can also be used along with Mint Mobile, as long as they support the 5G infrastructures. Being a GSM-based MVNO, it is also advisable to use phones that support the GSM modes when using Mint Mobile.

Even though there are phones that support both GSM and CDMA networks, always avoid those that can only support CDMA as the calls, texts, and even 3G-based data connections won’t work in the CDMA modes.

Unlocked phones, or phones that allow you to choose your own carriers and cell phone plans, are generally the best in resolving these matters.

If you have phones which types don’t belong in any of the above-mentioned carriers, or, if you doubt that your phones belong to the unlocked types, you can input the IMEI codes of your phones to be checked using Mint Mobile’s official phone checkers.

You should do this since only by having the right phones that you can use the benefits of Mint Mobile.

What are the Best Mint Mobile Plans?

Generally, to determine which ones are the best mobile data plans for your Mint Mobile-based phones, you need to know where Mint Mobile sells the data plans. The two places where Mint Mobile sells the data plans are in their official website and in Amazon, the world’s most well-known marketplace.

If you’re considering buying Mint Mobile’s plans through the official website, Mint Mobile provides data plans that are bundled with the phones and independent data plans if you bring your own devices.

4GB and unlimited data packages are two of the data plans in Mint Mobile that are bundled with their phone sales. Both of the 4GB and unlimited data packages’ monthly prices are the same for the bundled and non-bundled plans, which are $15 and $30 per month respectively for the 3- and 12-month plan. This provides transparency to the payment of Mint Mobile’s data plans.

At the same time, the costs increase for the 6-month plans. For example, the 4GB plan on the 6-month plan costs $20 per month (or $120 for 6 months paid upfront for the first time), while the unlimited 6-month plan costs $35 per month (or $210 for 6 months paid upfront for the first time users).

However, if you purchase the data plans for the first time without purchasing the phones that Mint Mobile sells, you need to pay the 3-month plan upfront. Then, you need to renew your data plans every month.

This also applies to the 6-month and 12-month plans that Mint Mobile provides regardless of the data limitations.

Other than providing the 4GB and unlimited data plans for their users, Mint Mobile also provides plans for 10GB and 15GB data usages. These entire data plans always include unlimited talks and texts, cover networks all around the United States, and are able to use the 5G infrastructure.

One of the positive points of all Mint Mobile plans is the ability to switch to 4G LTE or change back to 5G depending on which ones are the strongest. Your phones and the applications in them will still be able to be used even after you exceed your monthly data limits albeit only getting 2G.

So, to answer the question of which one is the best plan, if you purchase Mint Mobile’s data plans for the first time, it’s best to choose the 3-month plan for the 4GB plan, which costs the cheapest at $45 per 3 months.

After your 3-month plan expires, upgrade to the unlimited plan for the greatest experiences in your phone needs. If Mint Mobile is new for you, the Amazon marketplace also provides Mint Mobile See For Yourself Kit, a starter kit for everyone who is on the fence in trying Mint Mobile’s services.

Since being a starter kit is the purpose for this Mint Mobile plan, this Mint Mobile plan provides you with plenty of trial features. In enjoying these trial features, you don’t only get to use Mint Mobile application to activate your trial SIM cards. You also have the opportunities to test the features for 7 days.

The features themselves are also serious in their quality, with 250 text messages, 250MB of 4G LTE data, and 250 minutes of talking on the phones. Such limitations are not only great amounts for 7-days trials, but also equal to premium wireless services that are worth $15 per month.

The normal price for the starter kits are $5. Yet, the costs can be reduced up to only $0.99. The starter kits can even be sent all over the world, giving you the opportunities to try Mint Mobile even when you’re outside the United States.

You can also get your money back when you’re not satisfied with what the starter kits give to you.

How does Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Plan Work?

Like any other MVNOs and network service providers, the unlimited plan available for Mint Mobile users aims to maximize the experiences of texting, calling, browsing the internets, accessing important applications on phones, and the likes.

Other than providing unlimited access on texting and calling from and to United States-based mobile phones through traditional means and Wi-Fi, Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan also provides free international calls to Mexico and Canada through both modes as well as unlimited data caps.

Even though the unlimited plan provides unlimited numbers of services to some extent, the plan is also subject to several limitations. The unlimited data caps, for example, are only available when you only use handsets and networks.

In other words, you can’t reap the benefits of the unlimited data caps if you don’t have access to these two means.

Another most evident example is that the data speeds in Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan are limited for up to 35GB. After exceeding the 35GB limitations, the speeds on your Mint Mobile-based phones will be reduced.

The 35GB data speed limitations in Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan doesn’t stop in slowing down after exceeding the 35GB limitations. If you consistently exceed the 35GB monthly limitations, you can also experience slower overall data speeds.

The video streams in the unlimited plan on Mint Mobile are also limited to the 480p quality. Even though this sounds great because of the near-to-high-definition quality of the videos, these limitations don’t exist in other limited data plans that Mint Mobile provides.

This becomes one of the weaknesses of the unlimited data plan in Mint Mobile. Looking at the ways Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan works, this data plan doesn’t appear like your best choice when you need to hotspot your network connections to other devices.

The reason for this is that Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan only has 5GB mobile hotspot caps, which is considered a low capacity in the United States. Not stopping there, the low hotspot capacities found in the unlimited plan Mint Mobile provides are also dangerous when you experience sudden closes of your network connections and you have nothing left but your phones.

So, if you need to connect your phones to your other devices using the hotspot connections, choose the 15GB data plan. Even though the caps for data usages are lower at 15GB per month, this data plan provides free or unlimited hotspot connections to your mobile phones.

What Special Features does Mint Mobile Offer?

The 7-days money back guarantee is one of the special features Mint Mobile offers. It doesn’t only get applied to the less than $5 Amazon-based starter kit that Mint Mobile has. Instead, the money back guarantees also apply for all data plans that Mint Mobile provides.

This means if Mint Mobile doesn’t work for you in around the 7-days windows, you are entitled to get full refunds of the plans. Getting full refunds of the plans means you will be able to get full refunds on the basic plans’ costs, but not for the costs on shipping, handling, and any other activities related to the delivery on data packages.

Other than having the 7-days money back guarantee for the entire services that Mint Mobile provides, Mint Mobile also supports visual voicemails apart from including unlimited calls and texts all around the United States.

Even international calls are free in Mexico and Canada, which also becomes another special feature that Mint Mobile offers.

If you want to save your data bills by connecting your phone calls and texts through Wi-Fi, then, Mint Mobile is also your best solution since Mint Mobile’s support to Wi-Fi calls and texts is another special feature that it offers.

After all, there are many phone carriers that support Wi-Fi calls and texts as well as the network requirements for Mint Mobile. If you have exceeded your data limitations, you can also activate another special feature of Mint Mobile, which is the ability to add another LTE or 5G data to your phone.

Then, the signals will automatically choose which one is the strongest in your area.

Mint Mobile Complaints

In every other Mint Mobile reviews, customers have consistently praised Mint Mobile’s cheap overall prices compared to its competitors, even to fellow low-cost ones. For example, you only get 3GB data when paying $20 for Unreal Mobile.

Worst of all, they only support GSM phones that can’t be interchanged with CDMA.

Other competitors such as Cricket, Walmart Straight Talk, and Boost Mobile, are also expensive on around $30-$35 with only around 2 to 3GB data caps. This inexpensive overall price is the main winning factor that gets Mint Mobile 4-star and above ratings in nearly every other Mint Mobile reviews.

Another strong point that Mint Mobile customers highlight is the simple user experience that Mint Mobile offers when compared to the competitors. As with other low-cost telecommunication service providers, many customers also complain about the after-services of Mint Mobile.

Their complaints vary between the lower data and texting speeds in certain areas to the more serious problems such as the customer services can only respond faster on chats, which is apparently not a good news if you’re short of data usages and you’re overseas where Mint Mobile doesn’t cover.


The cheap price is the highlight for Mint Mobile that makes it win several awards since the first time it initiated. It is also a strong point that makes Mint Mobile a great money saver for your phones’ data usages.

Mint Mobile’s strengths don’t only stop in being the cheap MVNO. Instead, the cheap overall prices are also accompanied with the unlimited calls and texts all around the United States.

When you’re going overseas, Mint Mobile’s data plans also help you in providing free international calls to Mexico and Canada as well as supporting your phones with Wi-Fi connections on international phone calls and texts.

You can even get your money back in 7 days if you’re not satisfied with Mint Mobile’s services. Mint Mobile is also a simple MVNO to be used in terms of the user interfaces and the SIM card applications. Mint Mobile is definitely a great addition to your lifestyle.

Bear in mind that not every network and phone types are supported by Mint Mobile. So, feel free to always refer back to the previous points in this review to see which ones Mint Mobile support.

We hope this review gives you pictures about the benefits and the special features you can get from Mint Mobile’s diverse plans, including the unlimited plan it has. No it is your choice is Mint Mobile for you or not.

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