Mint Mobile VS Google Fi

Searching for a provider makes you compare Mint Mobile VS Google Fi. Both perform you with different strengths and weaknesses. So, you should learn each product before purchasing it.

Google Fi and Mint Mobile offer you various cellular data and phone plans. It starts from the most affordable to the exclusive one. The below information tells you about the feature on each product.


Google Fi

Google Fi provides its users with more networks supported by the use of a compatible phone. This provider increases its network to rural areas. Besides, you can use this phone data in around 200 countries without additional charge.

Most world travelers use this plan because of its multiple networks. The providers provide you with free data roaming used in over 200 countries. So, you can use it not only in rural US areas but also overseas.

Comparing Mint Mobile VS Google FI, you can know about the pros of Google Fi that can give you the best experience. This product offers you various discounts. It has over 6GB of free data usage.

The product is ideal not only for travelers but also for heavy users who need flexible mobile plans. It provides you with worldwide coverage that can run in more than one network. You can select its premium options freely.

Aside from that, Google Fi also has cons that you should consider. If you take a look at the data plan price, it is more expensive. For its monthly package, the price starts from $16 to $70 per month.

Besides, it only supports mobile phones that have a full network. If you do not have a phone with the full network, you had better choose other providers. Knowing Mint Mobile VS Google Fi feature enables you to learn which providers will suit your needs.

The data plan only provides two main plans, flexible and unlimited. Purchasing this provider will limit you to those two options. It has no customizable plans that you can select.

Mint Mobile

Meanwhile, Mint Mobile is recommended for those who live in the T-Mobile coverage area. It allows you to save more money. Learning about Mint Mobile VS Google Fi tells you about this provider’s data plans that offer you a better price.

The minimum plan is three months, then the six months or twelve months plan. All data plan selection enables you to pay it monthly. You can have it renewed once you require it.

Other pros of this product include compatible GSM mobile and reliable T-Mobile network. You do not need a phone with a full network if you want to use this provider.

You can know that it does not offer you many kinds of flexibility. Its minimum term is three months. This option is enough for most people in the US.

The earlier description about Mint Mobile VS Google Fi lets you understand the Mint Mobile network coverage that can only cover most people in the US. You can enjoy plans having free calls to Mexico and Canada. However, it will charge you for international roaming.

Considering this, the price offered by Mint Mobile is more expensive than Google Fi. It allows you to start with a small plan, then upgrade it later. Its data plan is more like a term period.

Choosing this provider will cost you more. It will charge you with its additional 1GB or 3GB for $10 and $20.



After understanding the definition above, you can know that Mint Mobile is more affordable and reliable. However, the winner is Google Fi due to its better network coverage. Finding information for Mint Mobile VS Google Fi enables you to learn about their benefits.