Mint Mobile VS Straight Talk Face to Face Match


Mint Mobile always becomes one of the top choices whenever you search for the best and cheap prepaid phone plan. However, these days, Straight Talk comes and shows that they also can become the best option for that kind of plan. So, which one is the best between mint mobile vs straight talk? Let’s see what they offer to you.


Network and Coverage

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network. Even though people see it as the second-rank network just below Verizon, it is still a reliable network. Its coverage also reaches 59% of the area in the United States. So, we can say it is a good deal.

However, Straight Talk gives you four different options of the network that you can use. They are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. You have more options here means it also provides a wider area of coverage.

Plus, you also can easily use it with any type of phone that you use. So, in terms of network and coverage, we choose Straight Talk as the best choice for prepaid mobile phone plans.

Phone Plans

Mint Mobile provides four plans, which are 4GB plan ($15/month), 10GB plan ($20/month), 15GB plan ($25/month), and Unlimited plan ($30/month). As for Straight Talk, previously, they had various plans.

Now, they short them up and only provide three main plans, which are 5GB Unlimited plan ($35/month), 25GB Unlimited ($45/month), and Ultimate Unlimited ($55/month).

Mint Mobile provides a hotspot on all its plans. The Straight Talk service doesn’t have that and only provides it on Ultimate Unlimited. Mint Mobile also slows your speed after you reach the limit on its Unlimited plan. However, the Ultimate Unlimited plan of Straight Talk doesn’t have that.

From this mint mobile vs straight talk comparison, we also tend to choose Straight Talk for its freedom, especially its Ultimate Unlimited plan. Even though it is pricey, if we also count the price of extra data from both providers, you can see that Straight Talk is much better.

By the way, Mint Mobile charges you $10 for 1 GB extra data and $20 for 3 GB of extra data. On the other hand, Straight Talk only charges you $5 for 1 GB of extra data. That price is the lowest among prepaid phone plan providers. It means you can use it without worrying about the extra fees you have to pay.


Contract Term

Mint Mobile gives you three months of the introductory period. At this time, you can pull out if you think their plan doesn’t suit your preference and needs. However, if you think you like it, you can purchase its 12 monthly contracts without a problem.

On the other hand, Straight Talk doesn’t have that introductory period. They only offer the minimum and maximum contract terms you can take. The minimum contract term is only one month, while the maximum contract term is similar to Mint Mobile, 12 months.

As for this category, we can say that Mint Mobile is much better than Straight Talk. It helps you to ease your burden of paying the bills.

Plus, you also have more freedom to decide whether you use its unlimited phone plan or other plans. Or, you also can stop using it before you pay higher fees for its service. It is a good option for comparing it with other prepaid phone services.



Mint Mobile has its prices and Straight Talk with its features and performance. However, if we have to choose, Straight Talk is the one. It has better value than Mint Mobile. That concludes the match between mint mobile vs straight talk.