Mint Mobile VS T Mobile : Plan, Pricing, and Perks


Comparison  Mint Mobile VS T Mobile gives you knowledge about each provider. If you take a look at their offers, they provide you with both pros and cons. You can compare both from the data plans to the price on each.

By comparing both, you can know which one can suit your needs. The following tells you about these providers. Let’s see the reading below.


Budget Plan

This category is the first thing you should know further. It helps you to match the offer with your necessities. You can compare the data plan offered by each provider. Both Mint Mobile and T Mobile have three types of plans. Mint Mobile offers you 3GB, 8GB, and 12 GB plans, while T Mobile provides 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB of data plan.

It tells you that the Mint Mobile VS T Mobile budget plan competes from one to another. Understanding the data enables you to know which one has the best offer. Although both allow you to have unlimited talk and text, Mint Mobile is better for this offer. It offers you unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico. Of course, T Mobile does not have this kind of offer.

This plan is available for mobile hotspot data. Unfortunately, T Mobile limits its user with hotspot speed to 3G speed. Meanwhile, Mint Mobile enables you to access unlimited 2G speed.


You can also compare Mint Mobile VS T Mobile for their pricing offer. Although both cost you $15/month of data plan, Mint Mobile is leading in this category. It provides you with better value than T Mobile. Using T Mobile enables you to get a 2GB data plan. Compared to Mint Mobile, you can get 3GB at the same price. You can also compare the pricing scale from its upper data plan.

For 12 GB, Mint Mobile offers you $25 per month, while T Mobile costs you $40 per month for a 10GB data option. From here, you can conclude that Mint Mobile is cheaper than T Mobile. However, you have to learn about the Mint Mobile pricing further, especially for the new customer. It allows you to pay a minimum of three months at a time. This service is suitable for a year’s user.

If you do not want to pay for a yearly rate, you had better use T Mobile plans. Although you will get fewer data using T Mobile, this provider is more affordable at its full price. For pricing, Mint Mobile gets the gold star.



Perks means the free add-ons provided. This service gives you benefits that can save you money. You do not need to pay extra if you use some providers for your phone. It allows you to compare Mint Mobile VS T Mobile. If you learn this category further, you will know that T Mobile provides you with more perks. This provider serves you with bonuses on its budget plan.

Using T Mobile allows you to get an extra 500MB of monthly data. This bonus is only provided for the 2GB and 5GB budget plans. Additionally, it offers you free access that is available up to the 5G network.

Meanwhile, Mint Mobile only offers you one perk. Choosing this provider allows you to have free calls to Mexico and Canada. You will not spend extra on calling both countries if using this provider.



In terms of pricing and bonuses, Mint Mobile is the winner. Use Mint Mobile if you want to get the cheapest price. Yet, you have to consider what your necessities are before choosing the package. A brief description of Mint Mobile VS T Mobile helps you to know which one to choose.