Mint Mobile VS Tello Mobile


Tello joined T-Mobile’s network in January 2021. How about its performance compared to Mint Mobile? The competition between these two operators can be tight. It is because Tello Mobile also offers cheap data plans for its customers. Check the details below.


Tello Mobile 

After joining T-Mobile’s network in January 2021, this operator offers cheap data plans. Users only have to spend $10 to get 1GB of high-speed data. The plans also cover unlimited talk and text.

This operator allows you to customize a plan based on your needs. There is also a $39 plan per month that covers unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. You can set the provider to renew your plan automatically and cancel it anytime you want.

You can only activate the SIM card online from the official website. The operator sends your SIM card and the shipping cost is free.

Tello Mobile also offers about 10 phones with a Tello SIM card if you don’t have a compatible device. You can’t use a mobile hotspot with Tello Mobile, but you can use a tethering feature. The tethering is free. Any action that may cut your data will be taken from your plan.

Mint Mobile 

Mint Mobile has been a partnership with T-Mobile’s network since 2015. This operator has more experience compared to Tello Mobile. Nowadays, you can even select an unlimited data plan.

Despite there is no monthly payment option, Mint Mobile is still a flexible option. You can set the plan for three months, six months, or 12 months to get 4GB of high-speed data.

You can even use higher data up to 10GB up to 15GB by using the right plan. The cost is also affordable enough in which you only have to spend $30 to get unlimited data.

All the plans cover 4G and 5G LTE data. The SIM card is also compatible with several mobile phones, such as Apple iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixel 5, and others. It works for most unlocked GSM phones.

Pros and Cons

Tello Mobile 


  • The operator offers a cheap data plan from $5 per month.
  • Automatic data plans renew every 30 days without remembering the time over and over again.
  • The SIM card is compatible with several mobile phones.
  • The plans cover 3G and 4G LTE data.
  • The plans cover unlimited talk and text.


  • Users only get 1GB data by spending $5.
  • The SIM card is incompatible with 5G LTE data
  • The cost of the highest plan is costly.

Mint Mobile 


  • Users get unlimited text and talk in all plans.
  • The plans cover 4G and 5G LTE data.
  • The operator achieved several awards for the best cell phone plans.
  • The cost is reasonable with the data users will get.
  • Can set the plan from three months, six months, or 12 months.
  • Users can use this service by using Samsung, Apple iPhone, and LG mobile phones.


  • It doesn’t have a monthly payment option.
  • It doesn’t have family plans.
  • The phone deals are limited.



Tello Mobile may offer cheaper data plans, but you have to know the data you will get. Mint Mobile gives bigger data compared to Tello Mobile. It means that Mint Mobile is more reasonable than Tello Mobile.

The SIM card from Mint Mobile is for 4G and 5G LTE, whereas Tello Mobile can only support 4G LTE. Although Mint Mobile doesn’t give a monthly payment option, it is still a flexible option for those who want to use a lot of data.

Indeed, Mint Mobile has enough experience and achieved the award as the best cell phone plan. It seems that Mint Mobile wins the battle if you want to compare Mint Mobile VS Tello Mobile.