Mint Mobile VS Visible? The Best Prepaid Plans with Top Features


Speaking about cheap prepaid phone plans, we always end up discussing two names. It is Mint Mobile or Visible. Both of them provide various services and plans. And, they also have good and bad things. Here, we are going to find out which one is the best between mint mobile vs visible. Let’s start!


Price and Plans

Mint Mobile provides several cell phone plans that you can buy. There are four of them, at least. It starts with the basic 4GB plan, which costs $15 per month. The most expensive plan is the Unlimited plan, which costs $30 per month. With multiple choices like this, you can choose the plan that you like.

Visible only offers one plan. It is the $40 per month Unlimited plan. With this flat rate, you don’t have to worry about the limit and such. Pay it at the front, and you can use it as much as you want.

Furthermore, Visible also has a Party Pay feature. You refer this service to your friends, and you get a discount for its monthly fee. If you do it the correct way, you can even cut down its fee to only $5 per month.

From this part, we can see that the winner is Visible. It might have higher monthly fees than the Mint Mobile Unlimited plan. However, its Party Pay feature allows you to get more benefits from this plan. You save more money with this service.


Mint Mobile and Visible use different networks to provide their services. Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network and Visible uses the Verizon network.

By comparing mint mobile vs visible in this category, we can easily see that Verizon is the better one. With 70% coverage all over the states, you can use the Visible service anywhere you need it.


Payment System

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile payment system, which you have to pay at front for the whole year of service. On the other hand, Visible uses the traditional payment method, which is monthly. In this category, we conclude that both of them have equal benefits. It depends on how you use the internet or your preference.

The whole year payment system allows you to be freed from monthly bills. It will give you problems when you want to change the plan. On the other hand, you have to keep planning your budget for a monthly payment of Visible. So, it is a draw.


Speed and Features

Both of these services provide a 5G network. However, there is a limitation they use on their service. for the 5G speed, Mint Mobile doesn’t apply the limit, and Visible uses a 200 Mbps limit. As for mobile hotspots, Mint Mobile has a 5GB limit for the Unlimited plan.

Visible doesn’t have a limit for the bandwidth, but only for 5 Mbps speed. Mint Mobile streaming service is only available for 480p video, while Visible doesn’t have limitations for its cheap phone plans.

From those data, we can see that Visible is a much better option. 200 Mbps is maybe the only limit. However, that speed is enough for various online activities. And, the other service doesn’t have a limit that helps you to use it conveniently.



The result is clear. Visible is the winner in this match. It has a better plan, features, speed, and price. Moreover, the wide coverage of Verizon networks that Visible uses is also the factor that let us choose it as the winner of this mint mobile vs visible comparison. We hope this article will help you to decide which prepaid phone service provider that you want to use in the future.