4 Simple Things To Do If Your Moto Z Force Won’t Charge


Moto Z Force won’t charge is one of the common issues. This issue happens because of some causes, such as a problem with the battery, damaged connectors, a problem with the phone, and a defective charging unit or cable. So, how to solve Moto Z force won’t charge problem?


Fix Moto Z Force Won’t Charge

  • Check the Charging Cable

The simplest thing you can do is check the charging cable first. Reconnect the charging cable first and see whether it is working or not. If it is not, try to find another USB cable and connect it to your Moto Z Force.

The problem is in the charging cable if your Moto Z Force is charging with another USB cable. It happens because the cable is damaged. You can buy a new charging cable if you need to use it right away.

  • Reboot the Moto Z Force 

Reboot or reset is another simple method if your Moto Z Force won’t charge. Then, reconnect this device with a recharging cable. It often fixes the problem. The idea is to get the system back to normal as the original factory settings. This method can be only a temporary solution.

Your Moto Z Force won’t charge or turn on after a few hours or days. It can be because there is a problem with the system of the device. Bring your Moto Z Force to the authorized technician. They help you to know what happens and the best thing to do to solve this problem.

  • Check the USB Port 

Most people don’t realize that a speck of dirt on the USB port can also block the connection. As a result, the device won’t charge even if you have correctly attached them. So, check the condition of the USB port and clean it from dirt, debris, or other things. You can use a small needle or paper click to move the sticky dirt away.

Ensure that you do the process carefully otherwise you may damage it. Do the second method above and then reconnect the device with the charging cable. Your Moto Z often can charge again after doing this method as long as there are no other problems.

  • Call the Authorized Technician 

How about if all the methods failed even after you buy a new recharging cable? The last thing to do is calling an authorized technician. It is better not to repair the system by yourself to prevent more serious problems. Ensure that you go to the authorized technician because they understand the detail of the device.

They also know how to handle this problem safely. The cost is cheaper compared to buying a new one after failing to fix the Moto Z Force by yourself. The most important thing is that you can use the phone right away.



So, remain calm when your Moto Z Force won’t charge. Do the methods above to check the main issue. Then, decide whether you only have to buy a new charging cable or bring the phone to the authorized technician. It will be more effective instead of repairing the parts by yourself without any guidance.