What to Do When My LG G4 Keeps Restarting? Try These Fixes


It happens to many users of LG G4 that they keep complaining that my LG G4 keeps restarting. For sure, it is one of the many issues to expect from this device.

It is fair to say that after years of operation and usage, the G4 can be problematic in many ways. What to do about it?


What to Do When My LG G4 Keeps Restarting?

  • Wipe Cache Partition

It is one of the things to do that may eliminate the LG G4 rebooting issue for good. To do this thing, the user needs to get access to the Recovery Mode of the device.

Accessing this mode of the phone is easy. It requires the user to turn the device off completely and wait for a bit. Then, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the phone starts.

When the logo appears, release the buttons and press them again immediately. Navigate through the options and tap wipe cache partition.

  • Safe Mode Booting

There is another thing to do on how to fix LG G4 keep restarting problem. It checks the system without any active apps running. To do this, get into the Recovery Mode by doing the things like before.

In that mode, navigate the options and tap the safe mode option. The phone will reboot to be in this particular menu without any running apps. If the problem is no more, some of the apps are the cause for it.

Following that safe mode booting, it is best to check on some of the apps afterward. If the phone runs okay without any apps, it means that there are terrible apps right there.

To eliminate the problem of my LG G4 keeps restarting is to delete the possibly disturbing apps. Deleting recently installed software from the phone and seeing how it goes afterward.

  • Official Software Update

Another thing that may help with LG G4 won’t stop restarting is to check on the software update section. There may be some new updates to install that will fix this issue automatically.

Unfortunately, some of the updates can even cause the problem. If that is the case, it is best to refer back to the previous version of the software to solve it.

  • Wipe Factory Data Reset

After several attempts to deal with my LG G4 keeps restarting problem, the problem may remain there. In that case, the best way out is to do the factory reset.

There is no other way that may affect the rebooting matter. To do that, go to the Recovery Mode of the phone in the first place.

After the options appear on the screen, tap the wipe factory data reset option. The phone will reboot to its original state after the purchase.

After that point of factory resetting the device, this issue should be there no more. Just in case it remains there, the problems are not within the software.

It is possible that my LG G4 keeps restarting because of some faulty hardware inside the device. The service center is the solution for that case.