NESARA (GESARA) & 5 Act That Make Change Your Mind


The idea of NESARA or the National Economic Security and Reformation Act was to restore the USA’s economic condition. It hopes that this law program leads to 0% inflation and better economic conditions in the USA. Check the details below to know more about NESARA.


What is NESARA?

NESARA or National Economic Security and Reformation Act was developed by Harvey Francis in the 1990s. This project focused on debt forgiveness, national sales tax, and bimetallic currency. The goal was to reach 0% inflation and a more stable economy.

Shaini Candace Goodwin saw this project as a conspiracy theory. Goodwin explained that President Bill Clinton was about to implement this project on September 11, 2001. This plan failed because it was being sabotaged by the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Goodwin added that the sabotage was planned by Geoge W. Bush. Because of that, the USA government approved a debt forgiveness program.


NESARA in 2020

People connect NESARA with conspiracy theories even today. Let’s say in 2020 it became a conspiracy theory of people who support Trump. This project even became a counterpart of GESARA or the Global Economic Security and Recovery Act.

At that time, some people believed that a new era of debt forgiveness and monetary reform came. The rise of cryptocurrency as a new gold was one of the signs. The COVID-19 lockdowns made NESARA or GESARA even more popular than before.

People use their social media accounts to discuss NESARA. People even correlated this project with Trump’s press appearances. At that time, the White House was using purple and gold lights.

Many people believe that the gold color symbolizes NESARA and GESARA, the silver color symbolizes light, and purple symbolizes equality. It strengthens people’s assumption that debt forgiveness is getting closer to being approved.


Learn NESARA from Books

A journalist named David Robinson wrote two books about NESARA and the business of false hope. The first book explains what NESARA is and the role of this project for the USA. This book is perfect for those who want to understand NESARA from the root or the beginning of this project in the early 1990s.

You will learn the correlation between NESARA and the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy. It gives you an understanding of why NESARA has become a conspiracy theory until today. Robinson published the first book in 2011.

David Robinson even published the second edition in 2012. This book discusses the meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers from around the world in Monaco. This meeting triggers the economic movement.

It explains that Presidents and Ministers of countries who were on the side of the Banking Cabal started to join NESARA. The peak of this meeting is to force governments to raise taxes. Unfortunately, it is not something that citizens have to pay for.


NESARA The Business of False Hope

NESARA is strongly related to the business of false hope. False hope means unrealistic expectations. In his book, Norman Solomon explains that this syndrome developed significantly in the Bill Clinton era. Solomon even said it as the politics of illusion as the title of his book.

This illusion shows that Clinton and JFK failed to deliver concrete change over the past 30 years as president. A simple example is there is still a wide gap between rich and poor. So, why is it related to NESARA and becomes a false hope?

It is because all governments in the world rely on the Global Banking System. Governments start to realize that this system systematically destroys entire economies through theft, fraud, and manipulation. The goal is again to force governments around the world to raise taxes that citizens don’t have to pay for. Like Nietzsche said that hope is the worst of evils.


The Significant Belief in NESARA

People even believe in NESARA during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19. The condition is uncontrolled. Some people don’t have money and others lose their jobs. At the same time, debt becomes their main issue.

Indeed, they are worried that they can’t pay their debts. The rise of NESARA seems to give them hope. They imagine that the government will wipe their debt. This issue is easily spread because of social media.

Some people post about their experience of losing their credit card debt for no reason. They think that it is the impact of NESARA. The posts under #NESARA and #GESARA became the top of the list.

We can say that it is a false hope because it seems impossible for the government to wipe credit card debts. The process is related to many things, including the economy of the USA.



The best thing to do is trying to understand the basic idea of NESARA and why this project arose. You also have to learn why this project becomes a conspiracy theory. There are two books you can read to know more about NESARA.

Your understanding leads you to the reason why NESARA seems to be not the only solution for the economic condition in the USA. You can’t only believe in information from social media users. Let’s say you can’t believe that NESARA is getting close only because you see the lights in the White House.

You need to be relaxed and calm while learning about NESARA. It is better to use critical thinking or logical thinking while looking for any reference about NESARA. Learn from experts, books, articles, or other sources to widen your knowledge about this phenomenon.

As a result, you will get the best answer about NESARA and even a solution to fix the economic condition in the USA. In the end, you can conclude whether NESARA is a real project or only just a business of false hope.

You can focus on finding the best solutions for your debt problem without relying on something that may not come even in the COVID 19 pandemic or in the future.

It seems that governments have a better idea or law to solve the economic problems. The most important thing is that you will not easily believe the news that can be scams or hoaxes, even about economic security and reformation.