Optic Hecz Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and All


Have you ever heard the name Optic Hecz? If you love games so much or your work relates to vlogging, you might already have.

Optic Hecz, whose real name is Hector Rodriguez, is an intelligent, smart man. He manages a career well that allows him to get a fantastic Optic Hecz net worth, which is $3 million.

At 41 years old, he becomes a young, successful CEO of a company. His career is also great so far.

If you want to know more about him, including Optic Hecz net worth, here is all you need to know about him.


Who is Optic Hecz?

As it is said before, the real name of Optic Hecz is Hector Rodriguez. He is an active player of Call of Duty, a video blogger, entrepreneur, and CEO of Optic Gaming, LCC.

The founders of the company are actually Ryan Musselman and the Optic crew. Though Hector makes it clear that he is not the great mind behind the company, he still deserves the credit for how the company has come.

His company and career are doing great this far, thanks to his dedication, passion, and hard work.

Apart from being a video blogger and CEO of a gaming organization, Hector also has a YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has almost a million subscribers with more than a billion views. He also owns an advertising agency named Econ Interactive.

With multiple professions, many people are curious about Optic Hecz net worth. His main earnings come from the gaming organization and his advertising agency.

He also increases his earnings from his YouTube channel.

It is reported that Optic Hecz net worth 2021 is $3 million. It increases a lot from Optic Hecz net worth 2019, which was only $1 million. While Optic Hecz net worth 2018 was $900,000.


Early Life and Career

Optic Hecz is an American. He was born on February 9th, 1980, in El Paso, Texas, the United States of America. He also grew up there.

Hector has a brother named Pedro who is also a gamer. He keeps his personal life so private that no one knows about his parents and significant other.

His educational background is not available as well. Hector once made his romantic relationship with a girl named Judd public via his tweet on May 5th, 2014.

Judd is an interior designer and by the time Hector declared their relationship, they were already together for 13 years.

They are not married yet and do not have any kids as well. Hector Rodriguez started the gaming organization, Optic Gaming, in 2006 together with Chris Chaney.

After that, he became the CEO and co-founder of the company. But he develops his advertising company, Econ Interactive, himself.


Hector Rodriguez, or mostly known as Optic Hecz, is a gamer, video vlogger, entrepreneur, and CEO of a gaming organization named Optic gaming, LCC.

He gets his main revenue from the gaming organization and his own advertising agency. He also gets an additional income from his YouTube channel.