Amazing Small Town Business Ideas

One of the most important things that you should know when you want to run a business is a location. No matter if you run a small or big business, where you are located will decide your audiences.

You should know that having small town business ideas that will stick can be so beneficial. The strategy that you choose will be different in rural areas, and urban areas.

Small towns are usually home to many entrepreneurs who create their business based on what it is missing. It is also easy to decide what audience will live when the amount is small.

However, you also have a limited number of customers who shop every day. We all know that the internet has made it easy for big companies to come to small towns.

There are some small town business ideas that will stick can help you to decide which one is the best for you. 


Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

1.) Restaurants 

We all know that anyone needs to eat, and so many restaurant themes that you can choose from. It includes anything such as barbeque, fine dining, or in between.

A restaurant can prepare customers with different food, but a small town does not need the same theme restaurants. Hence, you need to get a unique theme and fill a specific niche as well. 

You can consider what your friends or family talk about when they leave this city. The answer will help you to decide what kind of restaurant that you can choose. 


2.) A Bar 

Making a unique experience and having a local experience is easy. They are great for towns for locals or foreigners. It is true if local restaurants may not serve alcohol.

Of course, no bar is complete without a bit of comfort food. Offering some amazing chicken tenders, wings, fries, burgers can be a great way to get a crowd. 


3.) A Coffee Shop 

Although you may consider that a coffee shop is a kind of restaurant, it is different. Coffee is an integral part of people’s day, and if you realize, there is a lot of money to earn when you serve it.

The major companies do not often open their branches in a small town. The populations are not big enough to support a specific model. 

It allows you to serve quality coffee at a premium cost if it means that you are the only coffee shop in that small town.

Of course, this is not a bad idea if you add sweet treats such as doughnuts and pastries to your menu. It allows you to target people or customers who do not like coffee. 


4.) A Gas Station 

All vehicles need to be refueled. It is extremely true if your city is located off the highway exit. You will get a lot of business from travelers, but you will get a steady stream of regular customers who need to drive to work. You can add a mini-mark to offer them simple groceries to residents. 


5.) Car Repairs 

If you live in a small town, then anyone who has a vehicle will need car repairs. So, this is normal if a city also has repair shops. It is also depending on your location, you can get cash in that area, especially if your location is close to the highway. 


6.) Drugstore 

Although it is a complex business which has been set up in this list, it is one of the most necessary businesses as well. When someone is sick and needs medicine, then he does not want to drive to the next city to purchase it. 

Many people need prescription drugs, and the ability to take them locally is necessary. Keep in mind that getting the right license is not an easy task as well. 


7.) A Bed and Breakfast 

Although you may think that your town is small, there is always someone who visits your town, and they need a place to stay. B&B is so popular. The location is necessary for this service. To get a steady stream, ensure that there is a reason to visit here.

For example, whether your location is next to the major highway, then you can drive late-night drivers to stay on your place. 


8.) Bakery 

Getting fresh snacks and desserts every day is a great thing, so selling them is better as well. There is always a demand to get new-baked bread.  It can be an incredible gift during holidays and parties. It is also a good stop for those who want to get local sweets as well. 


9.) Barbershop 

Anyone also needs a haircut at some points, and they give you cash. These are also rare exceptions where you are maybe the only one in this city.

You should know that a barbershop is for men, and it is different from a salon for women. Both of them cut your hair, but it is more about the only common that they share. 


10). Food Truck 

Opening a food truck may not be on your top list when considering small town business ideas. However, this is depending on your location, weather, and the seasonality of the residents.

Starting a food truck can be a good investment. Many small towns have a dynamic community, and it often includes outdoor activities such as festivals, markets, and sports events. Having the ability to drive your business to crowded locations means that you get much cash in your pocket. 


11.) A Clothing Boutique 

One of the main amenities that small towns lack is to get decent shopping. It is not only a large shopping mall. Sometimes, those who live in small towns and smaller communities should drive mileage to get their basic clothing necessities.

That’s why starting a cloth boutique will place you on the map, and help your boutique become a popular destination for most residents. So, you can consider these small-town business ideas that will stick as your reference.



Being a successful entrepreneur is all about creating your business the way you want it. These ideas below are simple and need deeper research before you make your decision.