Tips to Start Your Etsy Shop


If you have been making crafts in your garage for a few years, and anyone gives advice that you should sell your products in actual marketplaces. At this point, you may have read about some stores of crafters and makers who are successfully increasing their income and even working a full-time job with their one hobby.

Well, you may wonder about starting an Etsy shop checklist. You can check some tips below. Before you do it, there are several things that you need to know from the first day, such as things to know before you open it and all business savvy as well.

Sometimes, Etsy sellers see their shops as the clearinghouse for anything that they make. Some of them think that it is an extension of small business that also includes social media networks, wholesaling, and more.


Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist

1.) Start to Build your Brand 

Before you start to sell your goods or open up your store, you need to make sure that you have a cohesive brand and comprehensive advice. You should be clear about what you will sell. You have to decide what you want to include in your shop.

Branding will help you to narrow down which goods to sell, and what kind of media you work with, and how the world will see your brand. Rather than throw out anything that you have made, you can make a streamlined brand and a mission statement for yourself.

So, when you start to fill the Etsy store’s information for the first time, you will ask to fill in the information such as a tagline, logo, and brand story as well. You should know that your store looks unprofessional, and incomplete without those things, but you may find that your overall selling goods are not clear enough.

You should have each brand detail of your store, include what color you use, and what keyword to associate with your company.


2.) Make a Solid Photo 

Keep in mind that photography is key, so your picture quality is necessary. There is a style of Etsy photography that is quite popular, the more important is your photo can capture your item with the best lighting, and ways to speak with your customers.

You do not have to get a white background, all you need is a clear idea of your shop and who you want to sell. No matter what background you choose, the necessary element of your photos is quality.

There is no blinding flash, blurred images, and so on. Ensure that you spend your time understanding how to take photos better of your work.


3.) Attach your Social Media 

Etsy also can link your shop to your social media platforms. It can increase your SEP and make your store easier to find. Social media platforms are a good way to measure what customers think about your store and let them contact you in different ways. Your social media profiles can be your account, or brand account.


4.) Understanding a Fulfillment Plan 

You may wonder how to tell your items to customers. Whether there is extra shipping, shipping materials, and so on. If you have a full-time job, or you have another person who helps to deliver items, then you should consider several things before.

You do not feel worried, since some services help you with shipping as well. Even Etsy offers you discounted shipping labels as well. No matter what you choose, ensure you’ve done your research first, and have a plan to do.


5.) Merchandise 

You should know about how many items you have, how many items you want to sell, and so on. The best scenario is your Etsy store is a huge hit, but it means that there is a lot of work if your crafts are labor-intensive.

You need to spend your time improving your backstock to ensure that your store is ready for a big day.


6.) How to Optimize your Etsy Shop?

After you read about starting an Etsy shop checklist, then you can check some tips to optimize your Etsy Store. Customers go to your Etsy looking for special items like yours.

Ensure that they can find it by optimizing your store and listings for Etsy search. There are many factors to know, and some of them are important. You can follow the best practices below to create more chances to match your items with customers’ searches.


7.) You Can Be More Specific with Categories 

Categories in Etsy serve you like tags and add more specific categories to create more opportunities to make your listings easier to find. You can start with a broad category, then start to be more specific. Categorizing your item into specific subcategories gives you bigger visibility.


8.) Offer Customers a Free Shipping 

Expensive shipping costs can make your customers turn off to purchase, and they do not complete their purchase. Many stores offer customers free shipping guarantees and also get priority in the Etsy app. Some experts say that shipping price is a factor in search ranking.


9.) Give a Short and Effective Title

Although the words’ order does not give a direct impact on the search ranking, placing your most important keywords will make it easy for customers to see what you are selling and can cause more clicks in your sales.


10.) Always Place your Best Photo 

The first photo in your is your thumbnail where customers will see when they explore the results. Drive them to click the photos clearly to know what you sell. So, there are many ways when starting an Etsy shop checklist, and easy ways to maximize your store.


Final Words

Even if you are still a long way to create a small business for your goods, you need to treat your Etsy shop as a business and see what you can do to get more sales, such as word-of-word promotion, and so on. There are many ways that you can try.