Texting with Good Etiquette

When texting, it is important to maintain the tone of your text. There are a few things that you should avoid when texting. The first is texting too much, the second is sending texts late at night and thirdly, texting with good etiquets.

If you want a text to be read as sincere then avoid using emoji’s and slang in your texts. If you want to send a text late at night because you are up all night or just forgot about it so early then just apologize for the inconvenience.

Use emojis and slang sparingly but use them appropriately at the appropriate times like happy birthday!


Tips to Get the Most Out of Texting

Texting can be an essential part of the way we communicate and have conversations, but it can also be distracting. In this article, we will explore some tips to help you get the most out of your text conversations.

Texting is not just limited to phone calls and messages; it can also include sending photos and other types of media content such as GIFs.

Some time ago, text messaging was a popular form of communication because it’s a cheap alternative to other forms of communication such as calling or emailing.

But now, with more people opting for social media in place of texting, the number of text messages has decreased by about 20% since 2013 (Read).

What You Need to Know about Texts in the Digital Age?

Texting is an easy and quick way to communicate with our friends and family across the globe. It has made us a globalized society where we can easily stay in touch with everyone without being physically present.

This also applies to text messages – with the rise of texting, it is important for people to know what kind of texts are appropriate for certain scenarios.

Texts in the Digital Age:

  • Short or long? Short texts are typically used for quick bulletins or statuses
  • What is your tone? Informal text messages may be sent between friends and family members
  • How many words should you include in a text message? The answer will depend on who you’re texting, but generally anything over 150 words is considered too long


What to Say If Someone Doesn’t Respond Back to You in a Conversation?

In a conversational and relationship-based approach, communication is typically more open and personal.

However, sometimes this openness can be a disadvantage. If someone doesn’t respond back to you in a conversation, the person could be busy or still thinking about what they said.

We should anticipate that there would be times when people are not immediately responding back to us in a conversation because they are busy or thinking about what they just said.

In such cases, we should politely wait for them to reply or say something like “I see you’re offline.”

In order for us to have better relationships online, we need to have empathy and patience because people can forget about conversations if they are busy or distracted by other things.

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