Yoshihiro Togashi Net Worth


If you like Japanese cartoons (Manga) you must be familiar with Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho. Yap! These Manga serials are created by Yoshihiro Togashi.

With his successful Manga series, Togashi’s fortune increases significantly. According to Forbes, Networthspedia, and IMDb, Yoshihiro Togashi’s total fortune reaches more than $111 million. Most of his wealth is earned through the successful sales of his works.


Early Life and Family

Yoshihiro Togashi was born in the Northern Yamagata Prefecture on April 27, 1966. He married Naoko Takeuchi, a popular female Mangaka on January 6, 1999.

Just like Togashi, Takeuchi is also an award winning Mangaka artist. She was the person behind one of the world’s most popular Manga series, Sailor Moon.


Yoshihiro Togashi’s Works

Yoshihiro Togashi net worth comes from his successful Manga projects. Some of his popular works include Jura No Muzuki, Akuten Wars, Level E, Hunter X Hunter, Ten de Showaru Cupid, Yu Yu Hakuso, and Buttobu Straight.

Aside from these Manga series, Togashi also collaborated with other Manga artists. Some of the successful collaboration projects are Tonda Birthday Present and Hetappi Manga Kenky.


Career As Manga Artist

Yoshihiro Togashi started his career as a Mangaka (Manga artist) when he was at the age of 20. However, he has made Manga series since he was in the second grade of elementary school.

He was so talented that even Shueisha, a popular publishing company, contacted him when he was about to attend college. It was the beginning of Yoshihiro Togashi’s big net value.

Togashi’s first Manga was Jura No Muzuki. This Manga was so popular and got a lot of attention from Manga lovers in Shueishaxs 1st Annual Step Award Selection Magazine.

Jura No Muzuki itself was then published in 1988. Another Manga he created, Buttobi Straight, was also published in the same year.

This Manga even got a nomination in the Tezuka Award. It was a very prestigious award for rookie Manga artists in Japan.

As time passes, Yoshihiro Togashi’s domination in the Manga industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

He reached the peak of his career in 1999 when his Manga, Yu Yu Hakusho was published. The series had a lot of fans and was made into 174 chapters for 4 years. It even sold 50 million copies worldwide.


His Manga projects are not only distributed in Japan but also other countries. The series is popular worldwide and it contributes to the increase of his wealth.

Yoshihiro Togashi is known to get about 10% of each Manga copy sold since he is the original creator of the works. In this way, Togashi also got revenue from the sales.

Not only that but Togashi also receives extra revenue, thanks to his popularity as a Manga artist. The extra revenue received from licensing mechanisms makes Yoshihiro Togashi net worth bigger. Not to mention the movie licensing based on his works.